World food @ Greenwich Market

And I thought the Borough Market was the best market in London!

Give this one a try. Jump on a Thames Clipper (not cheap, I have to say, but it does convey such a holiday feeling. And I love going under the Tower Bridge) and have a walk through the Greenwich Market

Oh, of course, you’ll find plenty creative stalls: modern designed t-shirts, wooden fairies, wonderful designer clothes, ceramics, jewel soapd, romantice dishes, paintings… which you could also find @ the Old Spittafield.

For this one, let your stomach guide you… See how tempted by everything you will be…?

How maddening, so many colours, flavours, smells! You don’t even know where to look. Here you can eat Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Argentinian, Ethiopian, Vegetaria, Portuguese… And don’t forget the smoked meats, the French saucisson, the pile of cheese, the pancakes, the dried fruit!

Yummy Awards:

The Sultan’s delight for its Turkish pizzas: a kind of naan cooked with onions and parsley, then seasoned with salad, yogurt and hummus. A feast, flavours exploding in the mouth. You can’t get enough of it. £4.50 eahc, and belive me there’s enough for two.

Still hungry? Stop at Mamma Mia! for those rice cakes -  crispy outside, melting inside. And the saffron makes it very unique, unresistable. I hadn’t eaten such good ones since Rome…

Now, you cannot leave without a sweet touch. No hesitation, it will have to be a churros @ Gaucho Sons of Pampa. We have them in France as well. In Spain, you’re to dip them into creamy chocolate. Here they will be moulded, cooked and rolled into cinnamon and sugar in front of you then… filled with chocolate or dulce. Pure ecstasy! The smell of warm cinamon, this crunchy texture, and the vanilla note inside before eating the caramel… £2 for such a treat is pure heaven.

Et pour faire couler tout ca, vous trouverez des cocktails de jus de fruit… et des thes formidables a Inago Tea.
Finish with a fruit cockatil or even better, try one of the extraordinary teas from Inago.

Why not walk this off? Greenwich is ideal for romantic walks or family afternoons. The National Maritime Museum is free so is the Old Royal Naval College – the painted chapel ceilings are worth stopping by. Or why not head through the park and walk up the hill to the Greenwich Meridian and observatory for a fab view on the City?

The Greenwich Market
Stockwell St
London, SE1

9 Responses to “World food @ Greenwich Market ”

  • ça me donne faim !!!
    surtout les trucs de riz croustillants. je les aurais bien vus version sucrée, mais comme ça c’est déjà merveilleux !

  • Mathieu says:

    Les Churros etaient absolument formidables. J’en salive rien qu’au souvenir.

  • Chocoralie says:

    Mamzelle: viens donc faire un tour a Londres, j’adorerais te voir croquer les Anglais!
    Une version sucree? Pourquoi pas, avec un coeur de Nutella!

    Mathieu: m’en parle pas, j’y pense tous le jours.

  • sandra says:

    et bien voila une adresse pour Natacha et moi…

  • Chloé says:

    Je préfère moi aussi le marché de Greenwich parce que beaucoup plus tranquille que Borough Market. Je t,ajoute à notre revue des blogs de la semaine!!

  • Chocoralie says:

    Sandra: je vous y amenerai avec grand plaisir… prevoyez de grandes valises, c’est egalement une excellente opportunite shopping!

    Chloe: Merci! J’y suis retournee ce week-end avec des amis canadiens et nous nous somme regales de grillades fabuleuses… Greenwich a vraiment un tierce gagnant avec ses immenses espaces verts et ses musees gratuits.

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