Pierre Hermé magic

Pierre Hermé is the most admired pâtissier in France. Not a froggie who did not dance in joy when he opened his doors in Belgravia. Wanna know his secret?

This is not just another bite of a macaron.
This is an adventure.

Imagine the sweetest safari. Tastes can take you places. It all starts with the box and London has its own limited editions, the one that will make Parisian fans make a special detour… The illustrator,  Soledad Bravi, is particularly famous in France for her weekly drawings in Elle Magazine. Cute and funny.

Like for the most beautiful gift, wrapping matters, down to the art of folding paper around the treats.

All your senses are sharpened now. Marvel at the rainbow of colours, be seduced by the delicate aromas, feel your mouth water, find a little silver dust on your fingers, listen to the ever so discreet crunch as you take the first bite, mmmmhhh in pure happiness… The toughest really, is to decide which one to start with.

Pierre Hermé is a genius – you could call him a sugar alchemist. His macarons are light as a butterfly touch and extremely refined. Jewel like but exploding in flavours. He aims at surprising, experiencing, combining the most unexpected aromas. His summer collection, for example, presents a pea and mint treat – the very sweetness of the pea with the extra freshness of the herb. A mojito effect – truly amazing. You will convince yourself in not time that surely this is one of your 5 a day and order another 4 straight away.

The apricot-pistachio – as if you were taking a mouthful of the fruit right after picking it up from the tree. Same texture, its sweet-sour side tempered by a sublime pistachio paste…

Chocolate-passion fruit. Tangy and soothing. Like a tango dance…

Liquorice-violet – both fragrances play around each other and remind me of childhood sweets… Quite a success, I would love to see it declined as a chocolate and a jam.
Ah, the rose one – everyone’s favourite… Not to be missed, you will fall in love with it. Pure romantisme, makes your heart beat faster.

Coffee. A classic? Oh, no. This is pure, real, strong, tasty coffee that will make click your tongue in appreciation…

Jasmine – imagine the flowers on a warm summer night… Bottle it, infuse a ganache, this is exactely it. A poem. Only lasts a few seconds, though, as you are left with only crumbs in no time…

Pistachio – forget the fake aromas you might have tried in the past. This is the best quality you could ever find. Michelin star kind of quality. I love to leave it a few minutes in the sun to make the cream melt just a little…

Whether you are classic or adventurous, raspberry or strawberry-wasabi, there always is the perfect one to fit your mood or your celebration. You might think that macarons are ever so trendy and everywhere these days. True. Unforgettable macarons, though, are pretty rare. Those are just… unique.

Pierre Hermé also adds his magic to amazing chocolates. And, oh, how you will melt…

This is the haute-couture of chocolates. Lemony yuzu lingering on tastebuds… Fresh ginger… Mousse of salted caramel… The most exquisite cacao… Infused cinnamon… and why not a touch of salt, velvety, with a dash of olive oil and black olives? Yes it does work, it sings of the south of France, of aperitif time, of sitting in the sun.

Another guest star -  the jam fairy, Christine Feber, has declined the signature desserts for PH. It would be difficult to choose a favourite, really, but do try the layered one. Put them on the breakfast table, tight in that ray of sunshine to show them off. The secret is to dip your spoon to the very bottom to enjoy all the flavours.

It take only one bite, you know, to get addicted… You will be saying Pierre Hermé forever! whithin seconds.

Pierre Hermé in London
*13 Lowndes Street
London SW1X

* Selfridges & Co
Food Hall
400 Oxford Street
London W1A 1AB

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