Love & Lord: the magic touch for exceptional weddings

Founded in 1999, Love & Lord is today the most important wedding planner in the UK. Not surprising when you start talking with them: in a few minutes you realise they can and will make your event unforgettable. They guess what you need and dream of AND they can make it happen in the most sumptuous way.

I joined a presentation evening an remain amazed by their expertise and their flair. Forget the mere idea of service – the team wants to know first about you, your personality, your favourite moments together as a couple and will create an atmosphere that fits you just right. I loved their warm, friendly approached, so far from the business and cold one I experienced when preparing my own wedding. I felt, at the time, I had to fight for a number of point although I was paying for them. Love & Lord make you first in line, sculpt the event for you. It makes all the difference

The harmony must be perfect – each detail matters. They go beyond what you expect too. A simple example -  you match wine to your meal. But turn the idea around. A wine is meant to create an atmosphere, a mood, it can define your evening.

Everything begins with the dress, of course. It is the very heart of the theme, reflects the bride but also the couple’s passion. Stylish and sensual. Inspiring.

Then starts a formidable teamwork. Lucia Silver, artistic director for Love & Lord, is also known for her splendid, unique designs at State of Grace. Dresses that make heads turn, make the feel the most beautiful woman in the room. They show a simplicity in the lines and a complexity in the details -  the choice of a button, a lace. Well, a unique bride calls for exceptional creations. Celebrities love her too – Jerry Hall, Kate Moss, Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley, Claudia Schiffer are already under her charm. Even Paloma Faith asked her to think the costumes for her world tour.

At her side stands the famous Tom Harrow. The wine whisperer. Urban Junkies, LondonLovesBusiness, How To Spend It, Square Miles, Vintage Seekers, meme le Sunday Times Online… all ask for his advice. The evening Standard added him to their list of the most influential Londoners in 2010. Just trust him – he never goes wrong.

A reassuring point -  he underlines that you can find gorgeous wines for such celebrations without breaking the bank. This is why you need a specialist who will make the experience out of this world. The first choice should be, whenever possible, local. Getting married in Toscane? Forget the Bordeaux – he will find the perfect drinks to make your guests’ eyes sparkle.

Lucia and Tom took the time to tell us about four extraordinary weddings – of those you remember clearly even 20 years later. Do forgive the poor quality of my pictures -  dimmed light and new lens, those do not pay the event justice.

Let’s start with the demure dress – discreet but elegant, pure but flattering. A caress of silky crepe, of which you can imagine the soft rustling music, seducing line of the tiniest and cutest buttons, silk cuffs addin to stylish design. An angel. Picture this in a Tuscany garden, with white rose petals making patterns, a harpist, lit candles – a poem! In parallel, a Ruinart blanc de blanc was the perfect choice – intense, crystal clear, simply irresistible. Such a refreshing sip, bringing lime, peach, hazelnut, ginger biscuits to the tastebuds. Yes, you almost taste it, don’t you?

And for those who enjoy la Dolce Vita? Well, a tailor-made event. Bride-to-be and bridesmaids walked happily through the village, serenaded by a trio. The groom and his friends discovered the Chianti region on vespas with personalised maps. The atmosphere was retro-chic-1950ies with vintage vespas and movie lookalikes for fantastic souvenir pictures. Dessert brought a nostalgic candy shop with traditional ice-creams. And cherry on the cake, Paloma Faith added her magic.

And so the dress called for movement, extravagance, cheerfulness. Look at the glamorous laced corset effect at the back, the veil falling like a mist, the cascade of roses: it almost looks sculpted. This is one to sing and dance and laugh in. As for the wine, ah, you just have to try the Vesevo Fiano d’Avellino to understand. A white delicacy that makes your heart warmer immediately. Floral with notes of dried fruit, then a tropical finish. It resonates through you -  liquid happiness.

The following story celebrated two cultures French and Persian. Exoticism and romance -  the perfect cocktail. The air was fragrant with oriental perfumes, presents of tea, spiced sweet and poems wer given to the guests for luck. The couple even open the door of a cage to free doves, a beautiful, symbolic flight. The tables were decorated with hydrangeas, candles, cristals, roses: a summer dream.

The bride had the most elegant dress you can imagine – satin, Eau de Nil, inspired by 1930ies fashion, more sublime at every step, jewels underlining the naked back, ever so sensual. To remind of the oriental heritage, a glorious organza coat had been hand-embroidered with blue threads and shiny beads, catching the light. A second coat had also been designed, made with unique champagne Versailles lace, hugging the silhouette.

Worthy of a princess. How could any wine step up to this? A surprising answer: a rosé. An exquisite, bright pink rosé called le Chêne Bleu. Fragrant with papaya and tangerine, a soothing and enchanting twirl, a taste of Turkish delight and jasmine. Tom Harrow sums it up best: Everything a rose should be but much more.

But all eyes were on the last creation -  the Goddess dress for which we all sighed for. Decadent, sumptuous, dramatic and glamorous -  you just want to touch it. Very Hollywood, isn’t it? You could not be more right – Keira Knightley wore a green version in Atonement. It stands out like a jewel, a pure marvel.

That wedding focused on Art Deco entirely -  from china to majestic lilies, vintage pearls to feathers. the swimming pool was enhanced by a circle of fire and the guest watched, mesmerised, swimmers in 1930ies bathing suit dive in a splendid choreography on Gerschwin music. Even the champagne magnums were popped at the same time. There were tenors and fireworks. Memorable.

The Giaretta Valpolicella Classico ‘I Quadretti’ was chosen to enhance the experience – velvety, rich with ref fruit and kirsch, it carries you away in a waltz of sensation. To be sipped on the whole night.

Real gems made and styled just for you, every stitch of them. It is all in the detail. Well, the multitude of details!

Lucia follows up on the key question. Isn’t marriage dead? Do couples still think about it these days? More than you  think -  especially in a time where getting married twice, sometimes three times is more in the norm. Of course, the celebrations will differ from each other -  more or less intimate or grandiose. But still unique, still festive. A new page of their life is worthy of an extraordinary party.

The difference would be more on the wedding list. China and furniture matter less. Guests still want to give something tangible even when a charity is put forward. Love & Lord offer a solution – let Tom Harrow choose the perfect wines for your cellar, share them with friends and family later one. You might enjoy wine but not know which ones will be best in a year, 5, 10. He does and will match them to your preference.

Lost in those magical tales, those exceptional weddings entirely tailored by love & Lord (sometimes in the most challenging places such as the top of a cliff where everything had to be transported by donkey!), a sole thought comes to mind. you want to get married again, Right now. And in the luxury of the mythical Langham Hotel, everything looked possible.

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