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Cooking with Cameo apples – sparkling sangria

You know by heart the Bramleys, the Galas, the Pink Ladies, the Jazz… But in the British apple family, have you tried the Cameo yet? Crunchy and so very juicy, it brings notes of honey, citrus, grapefruit. Perfect at breakfast for its tonic, refreshing taste, it also is a pleasure to cook with -  scones, cakes, compotes, chutney. But now that spring is here, how about making a sangria? Some sparkling wine, vanilla, lime, pear nectar and as many hthin slices of Cameo you can pile. For a twist, add a few branches of lemon thyme!


* a bottle of dry sparkling wine
* 350ml pear nectar
* 100ml vodka
* 80ml lime juice
* at least 6 Cameo apples, thinly sliced
a dash of sugar syrup (optional)

And now?

Mix everything in a jug, adding the apples last. Leave in the fridge a few hours for the sangria to infuse slowly and the fruit to absorb the aromas. Pour, enjoy, smile!

cameo, apple, sangria cameo, apple, sangria

A week-end in London: Feb 17-19, 2012

The most beautiful flowers are those blooming forever. On greyish days, I dream in front of this paper lace work by Rob Ryan. Of escapes to the seaside and spring valleys. A few seconds of sweetness before reality kicks in. Somehow, it proves even more efficient than chocolate.

That’s art baby:
* Rediscover Picasso at the Tate.
* Add a touch of surrealism with Chihuly.

Take the little ones along:
* Saturday, learn how to make 3D pancakes. It’s free.
* Also on that day, try the apple wassail at Camden’s Natural Reserve.
* The Duck Tour now proposes a James Bond theme.

Love, Love, Love:
* Victoria & Albert, a royal love -  fabulous animations.

Out of the ordinary:
* Saturday, go clue hunting in Shoreditch.
* Or sing at the pub. At the Coach & horses, it has become a tradition every Saturday. They even have a piano.
* Prepare your own potions.
* A little London love.
* See a movie. On a roof. In a theatre made of reclaimed material form the olympic park.
* Camelias are in bloom at the Chiswick House – gorgeous!

A week-end in London: Sept 23-25, 2011

Well, that’s it. I have taken my woolen scarf out. I’m chilled to the bones. And I had so much hope for a lovely Indian summer. Wave if you know a pub that would already have lighted its chimney and would serve grogs.

Don’t forget…

* Friday evening, celebrate Malaysia on Trafalgar.

* Come and listen to the waves crash on Euston Rd pavement.

* Look out for Ludo.

* Cheers, my friends!

* Beware -  gorillas around!

* Greenwich market plays the green card.

* Admire Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels.

* Hello Kitty plays hide and seek in Liberty’s delicate fabric.

* Try Oh La La Bakery‘s strawberry tarlets with a little lemon zest. They are just divine.

* Amazing opportunity – the Royal Opera House will be selling some of their costumes at affordable prizes

* Yummy German treats this way – forget the diet.

* Celebrate Eid, the end of ramadan, with a twirl of festivities on Trafalgar Square.

* Festive apple day this way.

Tea, vintage cups and cute cakes, right here, on your doorstep.

* A dose of whisky, another of music, mix, enjoy.

* Open day for the whole family at the famous Wiltons Music Hall.


This Week End in London

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