Like Alice’s white rabbit, I am runnign after time these days. But follow me through London-wonderland!

* For their late evening, V&A turns into a summer camp.

* The Urban Physic Garden offers more than a green oasis in the City. This Friday there will be dinner and theatre.

* Learn how to do a perfect ice-cream at this free workshop.

* Your heart will melt for this adorable café.

* But if you are looking for the best coffee in London, follow Time Out’s recommendation!

* Brunch and dance on the roofs of Kensington.

* Southbank turns vintage this week-end with a fabulous festival. Worth stopping, especially for the BA catwalk retracing stewardess fashion -  so elegant!

* Try a London buggy tour.

* Gladiators are back in London -  place your bets, the games are on.

* It’s shoe time. Apres Vivienne Westwood, Selfridges welcomes a Terry de Havilland retrospective.

* Love narguiles? Try those vodka, wine or champagne infused tobbaccos.

* An unusual bar -  try it quick!

* Nothing better than a summer fete on a Sunday. This one will be a delight for cyclists.

Pssst: Remember The Blues Kitchen? Join on a Tuesday note and pretend you are Indiana Jones. The restaurant proposes a Carnivore Club with a different exotic meat each week in August. Kangaroo on the 2nd, crocodile on the 09th….