Well, that’s it. I have taken my woolen scarf out. I’m chilled to the bones. And I had so much hope for a lovely Indian summer. Wave if you know a pub that would already have lighted its chimney and would serve grogs.

Don’t forget…

* Friday evening, celebrate Malaysia on Trafalgar.

* Come and listen to the waves crash on Euston Rd pavement.

* Look out for Ludo.

* Cheers, my friends!

* Beware -  gorillas around!

* Greenwich market plays the green card.

* Admire Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels.

* Hello Kitty plays hide and seek in Liberty’s delicate fabric.

* Try Oh La La Bakery‘s strawberry tarlets with a little lemon zest. They are just divine.

* Amazing opportunity – the Royal Opera House will be selling some of their costumes at affordable prizes

* Yummy German treats this way – forget the diet.

* Celebrate Eid, the end of ramadan, with a twirl of festivities on Trafalgar Square.

* Festive apple day this way.

Tea, vintage cups and cute cakes, right here, on your doorstep.

* A dose of whisky, another of music, mix, enjoy.

* Open day for the whole family at the famous Wiltons Music Hall.