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A week-end in London: July 15-17, 2011

A few evenings ago, inspiration was escaping me. I typed and crossed out sentences constantly – the letters of  the Delete button were in danger of fading away. And so I sighed. And I thought of the artists who used to find their muse in the Green Fairy. Did that really work? If so, should I be relocating my office in this new absinth bar, between the elegant fountains and delicate spoons?

if you, on the other hand, are in search of London inspiration, I have just what you need:

* Free burritos, Thursday and Friday at Canary Wharf.

* A touch of glamour at the National Portrait Gallery.

* Chocolate? For a good cause? Well, we can’t say no, then, surely…

* Kensington Palace gets enchanted in the evening for the summer. (Click here for a few pics)

* A few steps away… the Nomad Cinema will project at Kensington gardens this week-end. Truman show, Thelma & Louise, Fargo: yes, there are some spaces left.

* Rediscover the past Olympic games in pictures. Oh, for a bird’s view of the stadium, head that way.

* Support ukuleles. In the most musical way, of course.

* Explore the plant rooms and corridors under the Royal Festival Hall.

* Wow. Chaps have their own olympiade – all gentlemen games and vintage suits.

* Another journey in the past with those amazing pics of Tower Bridge being build. Saved from the skip!

* Circus time at Southbank!

* too hot? Get a glimpse of the Arctic.

* Join the swap and share picnic for a dose of happiness, fun games and craft.

Pssst: book now to get a chance to create your own gin.

Post-it for the week-end: March 18-20, 2011

What a week! I have cheered spring, friendship, the royal wedding to come, the wonderful Irish people, summer collections and treats from the South of France… Tell me, what will you celebrate this week-end?

- It’s St Patrick’s! Why not try Chin Chin Lab‘s special ice cream for the occasion? The Black Velvet mixes Guinness, Monmouth espresso,Whiskey, & Chocolate Cake!
- Cakes and sushis unite for the best cause this Friday…
- Bee happy! This pop-up willl be honey sweet from jellies to cocktails!
- Pet Shop Boys in a musical – strange but it does look pretty good…
- Spot the difference
- This week-end, the Slow Food Market is all about cheese and wineCafé On will be there too with their gorgeous macaroons.
- Why wait for the desert to enjoy cupcakes?
- The Somerset House turns artistic
- Love skate-boarding? Take note of that one
- The Grant Museum reopens..
- Bea’s launches a Mad Hatter party
- One of Hyde Park’s little secrets
- Wouldn’t that go well with a sophisticated coffee?
- How about trying the Nomad Cinema?
- You can now enjoy Lily Vanilli’s cakes at Drink, Shop & Do before jumping in a Eurostar!

Pssst: For the royal wedding, get yourself a tent

Post-it for the week-end: March 11-13, 2011

I’m escaping to France for a week-end of laughs and folklore dances (not quite sure how I’ll fare on those). London is all yours – if you find fab addresses or shows worth the detour, don’t hesitate to share with us!

A few ideas collected here and there:

- Melt for this foodie’s blog – mouthwatering! Follow on advice and have dim-sums for dinner!

- The Baby Bathtub opens in Hackney on Friday – deco between Victorian and gothic, DJ in a birdcage and cocktail aplenty…

- Street art fan? Go and see Stik’s characters out of Shoreditch…

- Dream of elegance at the Yoji Yamamoto retrospective at the V&A….

- Don’t laugh and head for your favourite pub -  it’s National pie week

- We’ve seen pop-ups and secret restaurants. This one is a secret pop up artistic restaurant. (If you’d rather try a secret pop-up cabaret restaurant, try the Pale Blue Door)

- Fancy catching a movie? This hotel hides a cinema club… or watch a silent movie at the BFI….

- Hunt for gems in this vintage fair

- Have a look at this peak-high expensive Picasso

- See green and join St Patrick’s parade

- Throw some bets -  how much will Kate Middleton’s dress go for?

- Well of course, royalty can be fun!

- Love quizz? Try this film pub quizz walk for extra difficulty!

Pssst: On march 16th, play musical chairs with the Londonist

Post-it for the week-end: Feb 11-13, 2011

Spring’s on the way! The first daffodils and will soon bring a golden touch to the city. I don’t know about you but the thought of it just brings energy back!

- Wonder what the Science museum could have been thinking: visits disguised as… a coakroach?!
- Click, don’t forget the National Portrait Gallery’s late night on Friday…
- Drink to love with Hendrick’s!
- Rediscover the streets of the Old London
- Are you a Roky Horror Picture Show Fan? The Prince Charles Cinema has a singalong on Friday – just get a crazy outfit and join!
- Children have their festival too: storytellers, musicians, puppeteers…
- Join a photo project
- Underground restaurants do breakfast too!
- Go street art hunting
- Beautiful pictures of Marilyn
- Have a coffee in a train
- What? Collagen on the menu?
- Why not join a cinema on a rooftop?
- Shop vintage
- A new concept: eco-dating
- A… different kind of Valentine idea @ the Little shop of horrors…
- Unless you prefer a Victorian themed one?
- Single or not, have a look at the menu @ Café Luc -  mouthwatering, hey?
- Follow the fox

Post-it for the week-end: Jan 28-31, 2011

This week-end, I’m joining a cooking club: yummy dishes, wine and happy chats. What have you planned?

- This Thursday evening, why not try an interesting mix of disco and video games. Unusual, but fun!

- A yummy walk

- Pubs inspire artists

- Fancy being a mad hatter?

- Be amazed by modern art

- Rediscover the charm of silent films

- Don’t forget to celebrate the Chinese New Year at the V&A!

- By the way, why not indulge in an afternoon tea with an Asian twist?

- Pssst: a secret bar in Chinatown – tested and loved!

- Ever hear of the Burger Monday pop-up?

Post-it for the week-end: Jan 14-16, 2011

Have you noticed? Buds are appearing on trees, some shrubs even show tiny little flowers. A minute or so of more light each day, spring is already on the way! Here we go:

- Thursday, be a child again @ Drink, shop and do: order a cocktail and learn how to fold origamis into dinosaurs

- Want creativity? This way for the shortfilm festival!

- On a budget after the sales? Pay what you want in this fish restaurant

- Imitate Marceau @ the mime festival

- How about a Disney retrospective this year?

- A new exhibition half-photos, half-videos @ Lazarides…

- Marvel @ these ice sculptures

- Street art lover? Sweet Toof has a new show in Shoreditch. Have you seen his version of Metro?

- Make summer plans – you can already book tickets for the open air theatre in Regents Park!

Escape the city!

JR: walls have ears. And eyes, and smiles too!

Remember this incredible photo on the Tate a couple summers back?

Photo by Chocoralie

Impressive, hey?

That is by JR. A French skilled artist who goes the extra mile (or the extra size).

To catch the walker’s eyes by using walls – that is basic to street art. You often have to look for it, it is easily missed. But JR does not stop at that, too easy. He chooses entire walls and covers them with black and white portraits. You don’t just notice them, you stop and are hypnotized by them, you gasp, you laugh aloud, you sit and dream.

How to explain this magic? Well, it creates a contact, an interactivity. First he takes atypical portraits – suburban youth grinning away, Palestinians and Israeli laughing side by side, expressive eyes of a favela inhabitants, beautifully wrinkled faces… They are all very touching in their own way. You can read everything in their eyes, lose yourself in them. The wall, mere support is quickly forgotten and you can only think of the person in front of you, whom you could have passed in the street and never noticed. It opens your open eyes to the world around you.

They may be speechless but they say so much. People stop and feel the need to share their feeling with strangers, to smile, to say hello in the street. Just a Amazing, isn’t it? Have you seen the one a couple streets away? I have seen it happen again and again.

Look at his Paris work, along the Seine:

Photos by Chocoralie

Want to know more? His movie Women are heroes is out in France – a documentary depicting the creation of this project: an ode to African women, heroes despite themselves. Have a look at the trailer here. Not likely to travel? The trois couleurs magazine has published a special edition and good news: each page is both in French and English. You can buy it directly from the artist’s website (6€90).

The restrospective – 10 years of art work already! – is one to cherish. Splendid pictures of his projects (Expo2rue, Portrait of a generation, Face2Face, Wrinkles of the City and more) take you all around the world in the most unusual places. One of these books to keep on your night table so you can go back to it endlessly with the same fascination…

Photos par Trois  Couleurs

Post-it for the week-end Oct 29-31, 2010

Ready to trick or treat? Here are a few ideas to paint the town red…

- Have a pint of cider for a start…

- Hunt shadows @ the V&A late evening…

- Get scared @ the Lido….

- The best Wildlife pics are at the Natural History Museum…

- Walk with the dead..

- The Royal Albert Halls has a date with aliens

- A free tour of London? Yes, you read it right! Click this way for an Halloween version

- Hope you will have a good stomach for those terryfying Halloween cakesLilyVanilli, who is part of the adventure, will also present her cupcakes @ Selfridge’s.

- Take a look at this operating theatre

- Free screening of A nightmare before Christmas @ Bermondsey square…

- Take the kids to see a movie -  it’s their festival!

- Don’t forget to get a pumpkin!

- Yes, you can ski @ Battersea…

- Spitafields offers a Nepalese fair -  nice way of feeling on holiday elsewhere!

- Bubble your life away with a personnalised bubble-gum…

- Wicked witches sing their songs @ St Pancras…

- Play the vintage card @ Chelsea…

- Fancy dancing with a yeti or a zombie?

- Free Burritos, anyone?

- And you can get some freshly squeezed apple juice here…

- Celebrate Diwali on Trafalgar…

Your turn: what is your tip for the week-end?

Post-it for the week-end Oct 22-24, 2010

So, week-end ahead. What do you feel like?

- In the Mc Cartney family, I’d like… Stella’s sister. Did you know she is a photograph? You can meet her @ Selfridge’s on Friday.

- You are so going to love the Bloomsbury’s festival. There will be a lantern-lit procession on Friday and the whole week-end: dance demos, music in the park, visit of an art deco house and so much more!

- Have a bite on life, it’s apple day!

- Invest in art without breaking the bank…

- Learn more about Cezanne‘s paintings…

- Kids will love this puppet show on Mr Fox…

- 3,2,1… Draw!

- Add a pinch of fashion

- Rediscover Louise Bourgeois

- Why not try Japanese cinema?

- The pop-up Marmite shop reopens! There is even chocolate to be found… Remember last year?

- Halloween’s getting close – get in the mood!

- Bounce on a giant bed (yes, you read it right)…

- Have an autumn walk… Why not here?

Pssst, for next week:

- Be amazed by Rob Ryan‘s paper lace…

- The Royal Albert Hall thinks it is a UFO…

Post-it for the week-end Oct 08-10, 2010

It’s fall-time, days are getting shorter, still the week-end is near ! Here are a few ideas:

- Dr Who has arrived!

- Love movies? Try this little known museum… Or come and say hi to Alien!

- Ecclectic collection of art and sculpture garden @ the Royal Chelsea Hospital

- British glamour? This way to the Somerset House

- Doesn’t this shop makes you feel like a kid again? How long has it been since you played with conkers?

- A touch of Africa on Trafalgar Square

- A pub hiding a tearoom?

- The tube stops @ the V&A…

Pssssst, for next week:

Monday starts… the chocolate week and the cocktail week! To be enjoyed seperately or mixed…

- Oct 11-16, the Artisan du Chocolat proposes chocolate cocktails for £4.50 -  hoorray, I say!

- Rococo is organising tasting experiences for a very reasonable price. Such as cheese and chocolate (mais oui!) for £5. Yummy!

- Oh, and do come and sing Grease on Tuesday!


This Week End in London

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