Sometimes, in the mostĀ  routine-like day, a message comes your way. Get your energy back and go London-hunting!

That’s art baby:
* Dive back in the Titanic universe at theĀ  National Maritime Museum.

* Find faces (and smiles!) in the objects surrounding you.

* Dream of the long gone London. Nostalgic and beautiful black & white photographies.

* Love Louise Bourgeois? See some of her work at the Freud Museum.

* Tip your hat to Marilyn.

Yummy time ahead:
* Celebrate Holi, the Indian feast of colours. Dishoom will be all decorated with beautiful kits and each guest will receive a traditional cake at the end of their meal. On March the 08th, the pavement will be rainbow like, stop and have a look!

Take the little ones along:
* Make them revise the alphabet.

* Did you know the London Transport Museum opens its depot once a month? There is another world of treasures to be discovered there…

Out of the ordinary:
* For its late opening on Friday, the British Museum turns Arabic.

* On March 09 and 10, be a party animal in the Old Vic tunnels. Disco zoo, animal cinema, all night popcorn and candy floss. Don’t forget – no amimal costume, no entry.

* Chess + boxing = chessboxing.

* Going on a date? In the cinema category, try the Aubin. Like the Electric Cinema, you will find extra comfy leather armchairs there. But with cushions and blankets for that cocoon effect.

* Go to a different London – Curiocity’s vision of the city is sure to amaze you.

* Sweeney Todd gets all musical.

* Have a look at this fun blog on London. We love the post on the London rooftops as golf courses.