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A week-end in London: April 05-09, 2012

Fascinated but the Jubilee celebrations? This Thursday, the condown begins – only 60 days left before the Queen’s 60 years of reign. Go and raise your glass to the royal couple at Gordon’s Wine Bar. Look at the walls – historical covers of the Daily Mail present some of the most marking moments of Elisabeth II’s life. Cheers, your majesty! Want more ideas for the week-end? Scroll down:

Yummy time ahead:
* Hoorray! It is free cone day with Ben & Jerry’s.
* Add an exotic touch with this African market.
* Hips, an adult egg hunt with cocktails.

That’s art baby!
* Damien Hirst, the polemical artist, opens his retrospective at the Tate.

Take the little ones along:
* Oh! A Lindt chocolate egg hunt!
* Not interested in the boat race? Discover the goat race in Hackney city farm on Sunday.
* If you loved the Secret Cinema, rejoyce. The Future Cinema has launched some morning sessions in the same spirit, meant for families. And believe me, Bugsy malone at the Troxy is worth making a detour for.
* Enjoy a family tour of Wembley with the Beano tour.

Out of the ordinary:
* Boring bingo? Try this Indie version on Thursday!
* On Thursday and Friday, go and play at the Old Vic Tunnels: volley-ball, badmington,campfire, ping-pong, deckchairs…
* Did you know there was a huge coffee culture in London a long time ago? Learn more with this walk through the city.
* Remember the roof garden planted last year for the Festival of Britain on the top of Royal Festival Hall? It is reopening this Saturday and is a lovely place to enjoy a Pimm’s with a view.
* Don’t miss the boat race between Oxford and Cambridge.
* Sunday, see the whole first season of Twin Peaks again at the Chapel Cinema. Oh, and a slice of cherry pie is included in the ticket.
* Try this app which tells you about the dark little stories of London.

Post-it for the week-end: March 25-27, 2011

Impossible to take two steps in London without being face to face with a picture of the royal couple… Of course, most of the merchandising is pretty kitsch and will leave you smiling. I saw cardboard masks of Kate, William and the Queen at Waterloo. Even the kiddies book range is invaded: Angelina Ballerina has been invited to the big event, the Mr & Mrs has launched a princess edition, little girls learn they can be Princess Catherine’s bridesmaid, let alone cut paper figurines of the love doves (I’m amazed Mattel hadn’t worked on proper Barbie and Ken versions? Or is that yet to come?). Bored ? You can doodle the wedding away or why not, knit your own (not kidding). And if really, you don’t understand what’s happening, just grab the Royal wedding for dummies. Not a single object will escape that label! Let us know what you come across ([email protected])…

Meanwhile, it’s almost week-end time and we should be able to enjoy London under the sun. Now, where did I put that picnic set…?

- Add a surprise to you mail…

- Join the Time Out Film Club to go through the best classics…

- Mother’s day getting near… Cath Kidston is proposing free workshops for the kids!

- Fancy some Chinese noodles?

- I think it is the first time I have seen sunshine for the Oxford / Cambridge boat race. Who are you supporting?

- Get green fingers at the Gardening festival

- (Re) Discover Terry O’Neill’s pictures – 50 years photographying stars, including James Bond and the Rolling Stones

- Get your loved ones something else than chocolate for Easter. This way for spring-themed shopping!

- A new bar dedicated to gin for tonic evenings!

- Royal atmosphere? This way for a new pop-up shop…

- A theatre play at the Tower of London? Nice change of scenery – book your tickets for Richard III quickly!


This Week End in London

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