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A week-end in London: June 01-05, 2012

Last Sunday, St Pancras travelled back in time. ITV was filming a program taking place in the 1950ies and actors were buzzing around – tweed, hats, old-style umbrellas and suitcases, fur coats… Tourists were utterly mesmerized by the vintage cabs. In the nearby cafés, characters in beautiful clothes from the past were mixing with normal the everyday lunchers… This sums pretty well the magic of London, the freedom of it, the many currents of fashion. Now, what about you? Are you going to a Jubilee party this week-end? We have plenty of ideas to help you celebrate this 4 days treat in London!

Yummy time ahead:

* Celebrate street food form all around the world on Southbank.

* Love it or hate it? Will you go for the Marmite afternoon tea?

* Better than BBQ – try the clam bake.

* Dine in a secret garden.

Royal London parties:

June 02:

* Near Carnaby, in Newburgh street, enjoy the party and have a slice of the most excentric cakes.

Gordon Ramsay too adds his touch to Jubilee festivities – live music and rooftop party at York & Albany.

* The festivities will really be royal at Hampton Court.

June 03:

* On June 03rd, The Book Club take over the whole street -  big screens and music included.

* Download this clever app to know the best places to see the pageant procession.

* On Bedford Square, there will be a 1950ies nostalgic touch. Oh, and even a spot of croquet.

June 04:

The Water Poet proposes a delicious extravagance, BBQ, music, a vintage market in a Routemaster…

* Rock & Rule – the perfect rebel touch for the Jubilee!

Out of the ordinary:

* A cup of tea and a golf party on the roofs of Selfridges, anyone?

* Keats house opens their song and verse festival.

* Discover the Serpentine’s new pavillion -  Al Wei Wei worked on the design.

* Go shopping in an African themed market.

* How about helping create a giant corgi along the Thames?

Jubilee biscuit boxes

Jubilee souvenirs are too often kitsch or way too expensive for what they are. I much prefer Marks & Spencer‘s adorable tin boxes for the occasion, hiding succulent petticoat tailed shortbreads under adorable illustrations. A £5 each, you might as well get the three versions straight away…

A week-end in London: May 11-13, 2012

I love, in the London tube stations, look for little details. All of them have a secret to tell – maybe an art work, a beautiful mosaic, a detail from the past… What is your favourite one? Scroll down to find ideas for the week-end!

That’s art, baby:
* Indulge yourself with a ticket to see Babel – an amazing outdoors theater play of epic proportions. Get one for a mere £10 for Sunday May 13 by calling 020 7223 2223 or visit promo code: Blogger.
* On Saturday, the London Symphony Orchestra will delight music lovers on Trafalgar Square.
* Hermès celebrate 175 years of exquisite skills with a free exhibition that will make any fashionista sigh in envy.
* Have a look at artists’ studios in Wimbledon.

Yummy time ahead:
* Until Friday, go hunting for free Ben & Jerry’s ice creams.
* So many treats to choose from at Street Feast, a night market, every Friday in Shoreditch.

Take the little ones along:
* The Punch & Judy festival in Covent Garden always is worth the detour -  even better, it’s free.
* Dream with the miniature world of doll houses -  a whole festival in Kensington.
* Add to the magic and enjoy Narnia in Kensington Gardens.

Out of the ordinary:
* Be zen and celebrate Bouddha’s birthday at Leicester square.
* Saturday, Morris dancers will make Westminster so much more cheerful.
* Another look at the jubilee but on the stamps side.

Be Queen with Tatty Devine tiaras

The royal touch! Designed by Tatty Devine, these tiaras also exist as a galoping carriage, a diamond,a collection of sparkling stars… You can find them online of in Selfridges’ Wonder room together with a collection of British designs for the Jubilee.

Tatty Devine

A postcard from London: corgis craze

The countdown to the Jubilee has begun, tricolor bunting is on, waves of merchandising are coming our way.

Flags, portraits of the Queen, carriages, horseguards,Buckingham Palace, crowns and tiaras, you name it. And this royal twirl, another icon triumphs: the corgi, Elisabeth II’s faithful companion (s, she has 3). Biscuit, bag, fluffy toy, brooch

Even Selfridges offers us a doggy smile:


Millie’s cookies treats

You knew cookies. And cupcakes. Millie’s cookies, famous around the country  for their yummy biscuits, have now combined both. The dough of the first in the mould for the second, topped with icing. Meet the cookie cupcake. A much more satisfying bite that works from your very first morning coffee. Oh, did I mentioned it is loaded with rich chocolate chips too? Such a success they are used as wedding favours and exist heart shaped. Perfect as a romantic gift too in one for the beautiful retro boxes…

Did you know you can also design giant cookies? The flavour, the shape, the message, even the colour of the icing. Birthday, get well wishes, thank yous for taking care of the house, say it with sweet words. One of their regular requests is for wedding questions!

The range will join in the Jubilee festivities too, from May 10. Tricoloured cupcakes or with a chocolate crown. Giant cookies with an Andy Warhol  touch. Cute tin boxes with a pastel hued Union Jack. Time to celebrate the delicious way!

Millie’s cookie also launched fun videos reflecting their colourful universe. Here is the first one -  check out their Facebook page for the coming ones!

Baking treats with Sainsbury’s

Rainy day? Nothing cheers kids better than a baking session. Help them prepare a muffin dough, add some vanilla and chocolate and the fun can begin.  Sainsbury’s  has just added to their decoration collection – mini honeycomb pieces and fudge chunks, cacao flower or buttons, red hundred and thousands, princess sparkles,  tricolor sugar pearls, edible heart confettis, paper cases ideal for the Jubilee celebrations and even boxes to carry your cupcakes… The simplest recipe suddenly becomes a feast and leads to lots of experimenting with colours and textures before and after cooking. An edible chemistry kit! Oh, of course, it will be way too sugary, may look slightly Picasso-like, the icing sugar will have given your kitchen a slight foggy-look, the kids will have multicolours moustaches but hey, the afternoon will have gone ever so fast. And they will be ever so proud to add their own creation to their packlunch. Let them choose an idea on the baking for kids page and stock on this new range!

BMI: Jubilee sky party

Yesterday, the countdown to the Jubilee started – only 60 days before celebration Elisabeth II’s 60 years of reign. To mark the occasion, bmi brought a festive touch to one of their planes : bunting, union jacks and a complimentary meal inspired treats usually found in street parties. Travelers learnt the good news when checking in and arrived at the gate curious and smiling. Even businessmen were happy to take a flag along. The cheerfulness continued on board with the music of whistles, starting conversations between strangers. This sky high Jubilee street party – 38000 feet – also made it to the Guinness book of world records. A flight to remember!

Teatime in Wonderland was invited by bmi

A week-end in London: Feb 03-05, 2012

An Argentinian dream with Midnight Tango. Such a glamourous, seductive dance. Dresses seem to be flying around the dancers. And when the music speeds up, so does your heart, and so do the heels on the stage. Exceptional skills, not only of  Strictly Come Dancing’s Vincent and Flavia but of the whole troup. Do go and see it.

That’s art, baby!
* Knitting obsession.
* Step back in David Lynch‘s world.
* Redefine art.
* A poetic page.

Yummy time ahead:
* A special one for meat lovers.
* A suivre, donc! Try Pierre Hermé‘s new macaron: Jardin enchanté (Enchanted garden). Lime cream, a heart of cherries, a touch of Espelette chilli to wake up the tastebuds. There will be a different edition on the garden theme every month – do not miss any!

Love, love, love:
* Add some glitter with Tatty Devine on Thursday.
* 50 romantic ideas in London.

Take the little ones along:
* Get those roller skates out and spend a disco time with the family.
* Re-celebrate the Chinese New year.
* The Somerset House too has craft workshops for kids this week-end

Royal London:
* Discover Queen Elisabeth II’s life through Cecil Beaton’s pictures of her. At the V&A until April 22, 2012.

So British:
* The best pubs in London? Click this way. Cheers.
* This week-end, your pint could also be rock’n’roll.

Out of the ordinary:
* Daniel Radcliffe fan? Meet him Thursday evening.
* Walk through Dickens‘ world (free, no need to book)
* Street art gets colourful with Jimmy C.
* London plays the high tech card (yeah, it seems we have a budget for that)
* Saturday, see the best slices of Bollywood movies.
* Meet the London clowns and tip your hat to Grimaldi.
* Follow the street art. Litterally.
* Tropical extravagance at Kew Gardens.
* After the Chinese New Year, the Russian one. This will be on Sunday and on Trafalgar.
* Snowdrops are already blooming at the Chelsea Physics Garden.

A week-end in London: Oct 14-16, 2011

This week-end brings a luxuty escape. On a train. On a luxury train. I will admire the vibrant British countryside from the cocoon of the British Pullman. Breakfast on board, a stroll in the Cotswold villages, champagne and dinner on the way back, watchinh the lights switching on softly…

What about you?

* Indulge in a gourmet pub crawl. The menu is mouthwatering and we guarantee you will fall in love with the Renaissance Pubs…

* Art switches to 3D

* The famous champagne bar Kettner’s will be offering with Jameson a different party each evening between October 12 and 27. Hoorray!

* Celebrate Diwali.

* There is some dancing at the Scoop.

* Nothing more autumn like than a market dedicate to wine and cheese.

* Discover the latest artitic installation in the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall – movies are a piece of art too.

* Aromatherapy and macaron: isn’t it me time yet?

* Well, this week is chocolate week. You can go round the best chocolatiers in town who will be proposing a variety of events or… spend an afternoon at Chocolate Unwrapped where they will be presenting their best treats.

* Why not sip a free one with a cute paper umbrella at Hendrick’s?

* Take your coffee with style.

* Hop, second dose of Tracey Emin this year.

* Big Ben leans. Yes, you read that right.

* Indoor bike training, graffiti and trendy music included, is the new winter sport.

* Love the Royal Family? Well, the Diamond Jubilee china is now on sale.

* Are you all ready for Movember? You might be missing a crucial accessory.


This Week End in London

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