Cocktails have something magical about them. The way a candle light brings out the amber or tropical hues. The soothing aromas – sometimes candy like, others reminding me of exotic countries. They cast a spell on you, take the tensions of the day away. Cheeks become pinkier with happiness, lips shine from the sweetest gloss. There is one for any atmosphere of mood, festive or romantic alike. At the Purple Bar, those elegant elixirs are considered an art. The team is passionate about them and can tell you all kind of anecdotes and historical facts about the liquor names and even the extraordinary twists brought to your favourite mix. But did you know they can create a bespoke cocktail, one that mirror your personality, just like a perfume tells a story about you. Intrigued, I challenged them with the most complex association. The ocean notes of whisky, the fascinating touch of Lapsang Souchong, the soothing aniseed from absinth and some zesty ginger. It only took them a few minutes to prepare the perfect potion – the flasks seemed to be dancing in the air, the shaker added its drum like music, the smoke gun wowed us all. Smoked notes usually are matched in a very dense way that proves too heavy to my taste. But the team came up with a tonic, refreshing, light on the tongue drink which immediately reminds you of a walk along the beach on a sunny winter day. A slightly caress of spice. A crisp zestiness, mysterious, energising. Beautiful oak final note, just a second, just enough to make you want to taste it again. What a range they have on offer too – no less than 300 choices of spirit, including homemade bitters and syrups. Here, Malbec brings a cheerful fruitiness to the Midnight Sour, cherry and nutmeg meet, rum is associated to a velvet Ginseng liquor… Their treasure boxes even hide jewels made entirely of sugar to make a new experience of champagne glasses. Endless temptations. Ideal to amaze your friends, even those who think they have tried it all.

Purple Bar
Sanderson Hotel
50 Berners Street