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Queen Elizabeth II: Portraits by Cecil Beaton

Time flew and you missed the gorgeous portraits of Queen Elisabeth II by Cecil Beaton at the V&A. Get the exhibition book instead. Amazing how much more a black and white picture can express in the complexity of its hundreds of shades. The gravity of a gaze as well as the freedom of a mnute of happiness look so much more intense. And so, page after page, we discover another Queen. A fascinating beauty, such grace and elegance. A visible weight on her shoulders -  representing her people, no place for mistake, never really say how you feel inside. At the same time, it feels like stepping in the same room, sharing a rare moment of intimacy.  A woman with a thousand different lives.

Queen Elizabeth II: Portraits by Cecil Beaton

A week-end in London: May 18-21, 2012

A book to devour, just in case rain would decide to stay a little longer. No story but a collection of tips and anecdotes by Lucia Van der Post, one of England’s most elegant women. It reads like a conversation, offering the experience of a whole life on fashion, beauty, how to pack a case or amaze your guest with a wonderful dinner, even how to juggle work and family. Nothing complex, just pure good sense – things you can’t seee for yourself, sometimes because tou are so busy trying to keep everything together. This will save you so much time, take you to a different twist of your routine, give you a different angle. Oh and there are plenty of fab addresses in there too. Fancy more ideas for your week-end in London? Scroll down!

That’s art, baby!
* Thursday, enjoy opera on Trafalgar Square.
* Quick! Only a few days left to enjoy Babel, the immersive theater experience!
* See the Queen (well, in painting) at the National Portrait Gallery.
* Have a look at the splendid designs and cartography at the London Transport Museum. Mind the map!
* Dream of beautiful ballgowns at the V&A.
* Beautiful pictures of the past at the British Postal Museum.

Yummy time ahead:
* Brunch at Salvation Jane for their Maple french toast w crisp bacon, grilled bananas and candied pecans… their corn fritters stacked w crispy bacon, fresh rocket, slow roast tomatoes, chilli jam and crème fraiche… their toasted banana bread w honey ricotta… and so much more!
* Try The wild food kitchen – a supper club using a forager. Brilliant!
* Taste/test The Bowler, a new street food van getting more successful by the day. Their hit? Fabulous meatballs (with even a Swedish and a Thai twist).

Take the little ones along:
* Get to know everything about the stars with free workshops at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

Out of the ordinary:
* Beyond Retro celebrate their 10th birthday with burlesque (Thursday) and Hollywood 193oies style (Friday).
* Discover Stik’s latest pieces… guided by the artist himself.
* Marvel at a floating garden.
* Sport fan? Indulge in a 3 in 1 option: London +  guided tour + jogging.
* Oh! A garden party, with a liberty garden shed, music, giant floral decorations (Sunday)…

A postcard from London: corgis craze

The countdown to the Jubilee has begun, tricolor bunting is on, waves of merchandising are coming our way.

Flags, portraits of the Queen, carriages, horseguards,Buckingham Palace, crowns and tiaras, you name it. And this royal twirl, another icon triumphs: the corgi, Elisabeth II’s faithful companion (s, she has 3). Biscuit, bag, fluffy toy, brooch

Even Selfridges offers us a doggy smile:


A week-end in London: April 05-09, 2012

Fascinated but the Jubilee celebrations? This Thursday, the condown begins – only 60 days left before the Queen’s 60 years of reign. Go and raise your glass to the royal couple at Gordon’s Wine Bar. Look at the walls – historical covers of the Daily Mail present some of the most marking moments of Elisabeth II’s life. Cheers, your majesty! Want more ideas for the week-end? Scroll down:

Yummy time ahead:
* Hoorray! It is free cone day with Ben & Jerry’s.
* Add an exotic touch with this African market.
* Hips, an adult egg hunt with cocktails.

That’s art baby!
* Damien Hirst, the polemical artist, opens his retrospective at the Tate.

Take the little ones along:
* Oh! A Lindt chocolate egg hunt!
* Not interested in the boat race? Discover the goat race in Hackney city farm on Sunday.
* If you loved the Secret Cinema, rejoyce. The Future Cinema has launched some morning sessions in the same spirit, meant for families. And believe me, Bugsy malone at the Troxy is worth making a detour for.
* Enjoy a family tour of Wembley with the Beano tour.

Out of the ordinary:
* Boring bingo? Try this Indie version on Thursday!
* On Thursday and Friday, go and play at the Old Vic Tunnels: volley-ball, badmington,campfire, ping-pong, deckchairs…
* Did you know there was a huge coffee culture in London a long time ago? Learn more with this walk through the city.
* Remember the roof garden planted last year for the Festival of Britain on the top of Royal Festival Hall? It is reopening this Saturday and is a lovely place to enjoy a Pimm’s with a view.
* Don’t miss the boat race between Oxford and Cambridge.
* Sunday, see the whole first season of Twin Peaks again at the Chapel Cinema. Oh, and a slice of cherry pie is included in the ticket.
* Try this app which tells you about the dark little stories of London.

Ideas to enjoy London the royal way

Sponsored post

Tick-tock, tick-tock, the Diamond Jubilee is only a few months away. London will be buzzing with countless events to celebrate the Queen’s reign. The highlight will of course be on June 03rd, when the royal barge will be joined on the Thames by a thousand boats. It is said that the bells of the nearby churches will ring as it passes them…

Time to fill your agenda!

A little art: Discover Queen Elisabeth II’s life through Cecil Beaton’s pictures of her at the V&A (until April 22, 2012). Or through 60 remarquable portraits of various artists at the National Gallery, from Lucian Freud to AndyWarhol (from May 17 to Oct 21, 21012)

Look out for this: when the royal barge and the flotilla will pass Tower Bridge, a formal gun salute will take place. That should be astounding.

Wow: Thousand of beacons will be lit around the country for the occasion, 2012 being the aim, of course. Look out for the church tower beacons on the battlements of HM Tower of London, St James’s Palace for London.

Brilliant: In August, the most amazing diamond jewels exhibition will open at Buckingham (01 Aug – 30 Sept 2012). A real treasure.

Read this: You will be unbeatable for the next pub royal quizz with the Queen Mother’s biography. Fancy a lighter style? Try The Uncommon Reader– this fiction will put a smile on your face : the Queen discovers a passion for reading and this shakes her routine world.

Cheer: Decorated from ground to ceiling, the Windsor Castle pub is so British in atmosphere – a wall is dedicated to the Queen Mother.

Coming for the long week-end and don’t know where to stay? In September 2011, Hilton announced they would take 8 Mint Hotels under their wing, including one in Westminster, just a short walk away from the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Pretty central so ideal to reach all the best culture (and shopping!) points and extra-confortable, just what you need after a day in town. The rooms also offer Apple iMac’s with complimentary WiFi and Skype. A very charismatic hotel to stay in. Quite a wow effect - royal, don’t you think?


10 royal ideas

William & Kate’s big day will be April 29th. Can’t wait ? Here are a few noble ideas to try…

1- Choose a rainy day to go and see the King’s Speech. This funny and moving films depicts the life of George VI, the actual Queen’s father. An interesting piece of history, sprinkled with tenderness and anecdotes. Amazing to see the young Queen Mother, Elisabeth II and Margaret as kids, Winston Churchill… together.

2 – Do you collect royal mugs? (a few examples here) Transform them! Some  are turned into pin cushions! (Seen @ Liberty’s et Drink, Shop & Do)

3 – Have a read. You will be unbeatable for the next pub royal quizz with the Queen Mother’s biography. Fancy a lighter style? Try The Uncommon Reader– wil put a smile on your face : the Queen discovers a passion for reading and this shakes her routine world.

4 – From February on, London Walks will propose a stroll dedicated to the Prince’s wedding.

5 – If you are a Madame Tussaud fan, pause with the royal family ! Kate will join the group later in the year.

6 – Have a laugh and race them

7 – Just behind Fortnum and Mason hides Jermyn Street, the gentlemen’s street. Paxton and Whitfield is an the Queen’s appointed cheesemonger and Floris her perfumer. Royal shopping spree ahead!

8 – The Prince Charles has his own range of organic products, Duchy Originals. Lovely souvenir. Get biscuits, jams (the lemon curd is just sublime), bacon… and so much more from Waitrose.

9- Add a magic touch with the Enchanted Kensington palace - princesses of the past still wander there…

10 -  Cheer the new couple. Decorated from ground to ceiling, the Windsor Castle is so British in atmosphere -  a wall is dedicated to the Queen Mother. Good news, pubs can open later for the wedding!


This Week End in London

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