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Pierre Hermé signing at Selfridges​, Friday 11th April

There was a time when any trip to Paris meant rushing to the nearest Pierre Hermé boutique to try the latest limited edition. Then, in 2010, the Picasso of pastry finally opened in Selfridges. Macaron addicts – those with a love for the perfect crunchiness and refined creativity – sighed in delight. No need to jump on the Eurostar. Neat rows of colourful macarons, the very best, just there, on our way back home (even if it meant a detour). On 11th April, the small counter will be replaced by a more luxurious space, still in the food court. There will be more treats – jams, pound cakes, chocolate, tea and even scented candles.

Pierre Hermé, yes, Pierre Hermé will be there. So grab your recipe books – he will be signing them. From 17:00 to 18:00. It’s quite a rare occasion to see him in London so don’t miss it. I had met him a few years back –  if you do read French, have a look. You can read Pierre Hermé’s interview here!

Take the time to have a look at his Easter collection, by the way. There is an Oeuf Galet, a tribute to the Pure Origine Pérou chocolate (a slightly lemony cacao), decorated with disks of different ganaches (yuzu, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel). At its core, you will find small chocolate eggs too (hazelnut, croquant nougatine…). It’s like an exquisite edible piñata! Just as elegant is the Oeuf Dentelle with its lace of intense Grand Cru Caraïbes 66%, filled with rich mini-eggs (Intense, Infiniment Praliné Noisette, Mathilda, Corso). Or would you prefer a family of chocolate rabbits?

On the dessert side, Satine is queen this season. Just imagine a beautiful unctuousness, cream-cheese-like with exotic passion fruit and zesty orange. A sunshine explosion, both fruity and with a slight acidity. Pierre Hermé has reinvented it in 9 recipes for the UK (he had done the same for his Infiniment Café collection, remember?): macaron, bonbon, nougatine, cake, calisson, pâte de fruits, nougat, jam and tea. Oh, your bag is sure to be much heavier on your way back home…

Pierre Hermé
Oxford Street
London W1A 1AB


Polka dot heaven – Yayoi Kusama & Louis Vuitton at Selfridges

From the extravagant world of Yayoi Kusama and the fabulous elegance of Louis Vuitton is born a collection playing on curves,bright colours exploding against the more sober balck and gold monograms of the brand, waves of confettis reminding of Australian aboriginal patterns, optical illusions and superposition of designs, a geometry reinvented around a unique, phantasmagorical universe. Have a look at the mirror shop windows of Selfridges and make a detour via the Wonder Room, transformed into a delicate china shell of pure white framed with laces of red polka dots, as sparkling as the bubble lace of a glass of champagne…

Selfridges, Yayoi Kusama & Louis Vuitton

fashion  Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Selfridges polka dotfashion  Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Selfridges polka dotfashion  Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Selfridges polka dotfashion  Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Selfridges polka dotfashion  Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Selfridges polka dotfashion  Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Selfridges polka dotfashion  Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Selfridges polka dotfashion  Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Selfridges polka dotfashion  Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Selfridges polka dotfashion  Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Selfridges polka dotfashion  Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Selfridges polka dot

A week-end in London: June 01-05, 2012

Last Sunday, St Pancras travelled back in time. ITV was filming a program taking place in the 1950ies and actors were buzzing around – tweed, hats, old-style umbrellas and suitcases, fur coats… Tourists were utterly mesmerized by the vintage cabs. In the nearby cafés, characters in beautiful clothes from the past were mixing with normal the everyday lunchers… This sums pretty well the magic of London, the freedom of it, the many currents of fashion. Now, what about you? Are you going to a Jubilee party this week-end? We have plenty of ideas to help you celebrate this 4 days treat in London!

Yummy time ahead:

* Celebrate street food form all around the world on Southbank.

* Love it or hate it? Will you go for the Marmite afternoon tea?

* Better than BBQ – try the clam bake.

* Dine in a secret garden.

Royal London parties:

June 02:

* Near Carnaby, in Newburgh street, enjoy the party and have a slice of the most excentric cakes.

Gordon Ramsay too adds his touch to Jubilee festivities – live music and rooftop party at York & Albany.

* The festivities will really be royal at Hampton Court.

June 03:

* On June 03rd, The Book Club take over the whole street -  big screens and music included.

* Download this clever app to know the best places to see the pageant procession.

* On Bedford Square, there will be a 1950ies nostalgic touch. Oh, and even a spot of croquet.

June 04:

The Water Poet proposes a delicious extravagance, BBQ, music, a vintage market in a Routemaster…

* Rock & Rule – the perfect rebel touch for the Jubilee!

Out of the ordinary:

* A cup of tea and a golf party on the roofs of Selfridges, anyone?

* Keats house opens their song and verse festival.

* Discover the Serpentine’s new pavillion -  Al Wei Wei worked on the design.

* Go shopping in an African themed market.

* How about helping create a giant corgi along the Thames?

Be Queen with Tatty Devine tiaras

The royal touch! Designed by Tatty Devine, these tiaras also exist as a galoping carriage, a diamond,a collection of sparkling stars… You can find them online of in Selfridges’ Wonder room together with a collection of British designs for the Jubilee.

Tatty Devine

A postcard from London: corgis craze

The countdown to the Jubilee has begun, tricolor bunting is on, waves of merchandising are coming our way.

Flags, portraits of the Queen, carriages, horseguards,Buckingham Palace, crowns and tiaras, you name it. And this royal twirl, another icon triumphs: the corgi, Elisabeth II’s faithful companion (s, she has 3). Biscuit, bag, fluffy toy, brooch

Even Selfridges offers us a doggy smile:


A week-end in London: May 04-07, 2012

Love the 50ies? Elvis fan? Have a walnut-maple sirup or peanut butter-chocolate milkshake at the Milky Way (28 Camden Passage, Islington, N1 8ED London). This tiny ice-cream parlour lives in a different era, from music to decoration (looks right out of a magazine!) via the King’s memorabilia. The counter is loaded with cupcakes, British and American sweets. Share the moment with kids or friends. Sadly, pictures are not allowed. For more ideas for your week-end in London, scroll down.

That’s art, baby!
* The open air theatre in Regent’s Park is reopening so book your tickets!
* See quite a large collection of Picasso’s etchings at the British Museum.
* Beautiful, beautiful London illustrations here.
* Leonardo da Vinci gets a royal touch at Buckingham Palace.

Yumme time ahead:
* Make a detour via London Fields for the summer pop-up, from this week-end on. Fab barbecue, salads with fresh products from the market, DJ.

The fashion touch:
* Have a look at Marc  Jacob’s pop-up at Selfridges: 15 versions of the cute mouse ballerina shoes are on show.
* Add a touch of red to your day with the Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum.
* Fall for the collaboration between Dr Martens and Liberty.
* Shop in red, blue and white at Selfridge’s Big British shop.

Take the little ones along:
* Sing Oliver Twist.
* Sunday, Shrek the musical is one. Meet the cast, visit the theater, join the craft workshops…

Out of the ordinary:
* On Thursday, play bingo while listening to Indie music.
* Go to Little Venice and see the canal boats festival. It’s free and there will be Morris dancers too.
* Every Friday, the rolling bridge unfolds at Paddington. Worth seeing!
* On Sunday, celebrate free comic book day at Gosh in Soho.
* Or see the crowning of the Pearly king of London. Quite something.
* Sunday still, make a detour vis Trafalgar Square to enjoy the Sikh New Year. Colour, music, dances guaranteed.

A week-end in London: March 01-04, 2012

There is something in the air. A softness, a lighter texture, a cheerfulness. Makes me feel like walking along a beach, breathe in the salty air, listen to the waves, maybe fly a kite. What about you? Doing anything nice this week-end? You can also fish in the ideas below!

That’s art, baby:
* Make a little detour to see those East London pictures of yesteryear.

* A new artistic venue, in a lorry container. Oh, and linked to a pizza bus, of course.

Yummy time ahead:
* A delicious idea to start the week-end -  every Saturday, there is a homemadefood market in Hackney

* To celebrate St David’s day -  Wales’ patron -  the Real Food Market on Southbank will put lots of Welsh favourites on their stalls.

* In Chinatown, you are gonna melt for those new treats on skewers. And they’re chep too!

* Caffeine alert. Oh, and there too.

Out of the ordinary:
* Before the Louboutin exhibition starts at the Design Museum at the end of the month, the iconic creator has redesigned the whole Concept Store and the surrounding windows.

* Hoorray, the Barbican week-ends are back! There will be urban stories, poetry, digital graffiti, live music and much much more.

* Oh! A new pop-up cinema. Saturday, if you have an appetite for it, you can go and see dracula. In a church, of course. No obligation to take a necklace of garlic along.

* The dancing theatre is inspired by the 1920ies this week-end.

Words, Words, Words

Play with words, shake syllabes, paint sentences, cross out letters or sprinkle a few more – how inspiring is this new pop-up shop at Selfridges! You could also just turn a few pages, personnalise a Tatty Devine necklace with your own name, listen to stories or poetry

Wonder Room
400 Oxford Street
London W1A 1A

White Christmas

Rushing to find the very last presents, crossing options from your list. Inevitably, you end up loaded with way too many bags. Inevitably too, it seems you are going against the crowd flow. Sympathetic random thought for salmons. You ever-so-adorable high heels prove to be ever-so-unstable as gravity and the weight of the purchases try to take you down. Mission Impossible of the day: slalom through obstacles on your way as you have doubled in width, each boutique insisting on an extra bag. Pinks getting rosies, wrists getting whiter.

And then, finally, Selfridges is in sight. Your steps guide you, instinctively to the Wonder Room, all dressed in white, ceiling, floor, shelves, presents. Shelves are lit up, such luminosity you just stare at them for a while, objects looking surreal. Sudden need for white cotton sheets, cosy cushions, snow, ethereal clouds.

A whole mix of gift ideas -  some very affordable, others signed by Victoria Beckham, Givenchy, Chloe, Mulberry, Vivienne Westwood, Burberry… It may be time to revise your Xmas wish list.

Wonder Room
400 Oxford Street
London W1A 1A


A week-end in London: Nov 11-13, 2011

Well if it is going to get all chilly and wet, I might as well go winter cocktails hunting. You’ll find a few celebration ideas here. Mulled ciders, toddies, buttered rums, here I come!

That’s art, baby:
* Go and see Leo. Not the one from Titanic, the other one.
* Hogarth’s house (the famous painter) is opening again to the public. Even better, entrance is free.
* Discover little secrets of your daily household objects…
* You will be in awe of this photo exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall.
* Do you have a lucky charm? There is a whole collection here.

The music touch:
* Dance, sing, play along the Thames with the Merger festival.
* Jazz it up!

A little fresh air:
* Street lights are pretty much the same from one year to another these days. Yet Carnaby street‘s always are particularly colourful. They’re switched on Nov 10. Oh, and Covent Garden has digitalised the Nativity scene. Not to be missed!
* Keep fighting and garden.

* See (real) reindeers at Covent Garden.

Yummy time:
* Falling for cupcakes? Meet Lola’s founders Thursday at Selfridge’s.
* The Make Lounge offers lovely workshops – this week-end it is all about chutneys and jams.
* To decorate your cakes as if they were works of art, have a look here.
* Oh, a new supperclub, Spanish style

Out of the ordinary:
* Fancy being  foxy? I mean, really?
* Express yourself and get a free haircut.
* Less known but still worth a detour: the mayor’s parade.

Psst, try your luck, we have two competitions on the blog at the moment:
*5 Time Out Eating and drinking guides for foodies.
* You live in the UK? Great – you might win £400 worth of flights to Europe.


This Week End in London

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