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Citizen M hotel, Southbank

Love stylish, design hotels? Extra-ordinary, trendy, fabulously colourful universes? Are you a modern traveller, for whom each place, each instant, each detail counts yet likes to travel light? Well Citizen M will be just your cup of tea. Their first London address has opened on Southbank, right behind the Tate Modern. The Thames and contemporary art within reach – a dream location indeed. The ground floor is an amazing jungle of lounges, sofas and chairs, the shelves loaded with books. Because, after a whole day walking around the city, sometimes this is all you need: a place to relax and smile but with a wow-feeling. Checkin in only takes a few seconds: thanks to the flat screens, you can do everything yourself if you wish. depending on the room availability you can even choose your floor.
Citizen M boutique hotel hotel Southbank London design trendy tablet mood padCitizen M boutique hotel hotel Southbank London design trendy tablet mood padCitizen M boutique hotel hotel Southbank London design trendy tablet mood padCitizen M boutique hotel hotel Southbank London design trendy tablet mood padCitizen M boutique hotel hotel Southbank London design trendy tablet mood pad Indulge in one of the cocktails from the bar ou a creamy cappucino (the mini-café remains open 24/7 and has a great selection of scruptious food), settle down, plan your day: wifi is free throughout the hotel. A number of Macs are available to use. Or just take your laptop to the outside terrace to enjoy the sunshine. Wander to the first floor too: the meeting rooms, each organised by a specific colour are worth admiring and there is an extra balcony to enjoy.
Citizen M boutique hotel hotel Southbank London design trendy tablet mood padCitizen M boutique hotel hotel Southbank London design trendy tablet mood padCitizen M boutique hotel hotel Southbank London design trendy tablet mood padCitizen M boutique hotel hotel Southbank London design trendy tablet mood padEt les chambres? Prenez de la hauteur… What about the room? Get a  little higher…
Citizen M boutique hotel hotel Southbank London design trendy tablet mood pad The rooms go straight to the essential: design, fun, praticity and comfort. A working space with a clever selection of plugs, a huge bed (King size. 2 meters x 2 meters. Fabulous, you can sleep diagonally and still your partner has space), a rain-effect shower. All brand new. True happiness is, I have to confide, in the tablet mood pad. With this, you are the true master of this space: tv (with a selection of free and recent movies), web, radio, wake up call, temperature, window blinds, even the colour projected around. Use your fingertips, select a hue from the rainbow and play. Irresistible. I guarantee you will go to sleep with this on.
Citizen M boutique hotel hotel Southbank London design trendy tablet mood padCitizen M boutique hotel hotel Southbank London design trendy tablet mood padCitizen M boutique hotel hotel Southbank London design trendy tablet mood padCitizen M boutique hotel hotel Southbank London design trendy tablet mood pad

Verdict? One of those hotels that leaves you with as many fun memories as the destination. And, surprise, does not break the bank either. Given the central location, the exceptional decoration, the comfort, the services… it could easily have been twice the price by London standards. In a nutshell, style in the most cheerful way, without risking your bank calling you. Two other addresses are to open in 2013, one at St Paul, the other at Tower of London. Citizen M power, my friends.

Citizen M Southbank
20 Lavington Street

Star Flyer – Southbank

So, how brave are you?

In London, this year, it is all about height. The Shard, the Orbit, the cable cars, the walk on the O2 roof… On Southbank, the Star Flyer is a real sensation. Can you imagine sitting in the sky, 60 meters from the ground? Quite a view!

Get ready London! The Crazy Horse is coming to Southbank

Ah, those dancers with such a perfect body, their amazing suppleness, sometimes doll-like, other times feline, their enchanting gaze… Yes, they have more to them than just gorgeous curves, no matter how little they wear. Choregraphies often add a smile to the glamour, the play of light projects hypnotising pattern on the smooth skin, and oh, you will find it deliciously maddening, beautifully staged. To celebrate their 60th year of success, The Crazy Horse is coming to London in September with Forever Crazy. Until Christmas, their glamorous  show will be in a luxurious pop-up lounge on Southbank, mirroring the sensual atmosphere of the Parisian cabaret. And really, seeing these beauties as Royal Guards is an unforgettable experience…

Forever Crazy
The tickets will be sold in no time so book now!

A week-end in London: June 01-05, 2012

Last Sunday, St Pancras travelled back in time. ITV was filming a program taking place in the 1950ies and actors were buzzing around – tweed, hats, old-style umbrellas and suitcases, fur coats… Tourists were utterly mesmerized by the vintage cabs. In the nearby cafés, characters in beautiful clothes from the past were mixing with normal the everyday lunchers… This sums pretty well the magic of London, the freedom of it, the many currents of fashion. Now, what about you? Are you going to a Jubilee party this week-end? We have plenty of ideas to help you celebrate this 4 days treat in London!

Yummy time ahead:

* Celebrate street food form all around the world on Southbank.

* Love it or hate it? Will you go for the Marmite afternoon tea?

* Better than BBQ – try the clam bake.

* Dine in a secret garden.

Royal London parties:

June 02:

* Near Carnaby, in Newburgh street, enjoy the party and have a slice of the most excentric cakes.

Gordon Ramsay too adds his touch to Jubilee festivities – live music and rooftop party at York & Albany.

* The festivities will really be royal at Hampton Court.

June 03:

* On June 03rd, The Book Club take over the whole street -  big screens and music included.

* Download this clever app to know the best places to see the pageant procession.

* On Bedford Square, there will be a 1950ies nostalgic touch. Oh, and even a spot of croquet.

June 04:

The Water Poet proposes a delicious extravagance, BBQ, music, a vintage market in a Routemaster…

* Rock & Rule – the perfect rebel touch for the Jubilee!

Out of the ordinary:

* A cup of tea and a golf party on the roofs of Selfridges, anyone?

* Keats house opens their song and verse festival.

* Discover the Serpentine’s new pavillion -  Al Wei Wei worked on the design.

* Go shopping in an African themed market.

* How about helping create a giant corgi along the Thames?

A week-end in London: April 12-15, 2012

I love April skies. Indecisive, tortured. A ray of sunshine, a shower of rain, the sudden music of hail. Of course, it may lead to a certain surcharge (shirt, scarf, hood, sunglasses -  be prepared for everything. In the same day.) But as dusk approaches, clouds take a velvety appearance, get painted with even brighter colours if only for a minute, like a luxurious marble… Get your umbrella and scroll down to discover ideas for your week-end in London!

That’s art baby!
* Rediscover London through photographs of its past at the Wandworth museum

Be amazed by Cate Blanchett, on the stage of the Barbican for a few days only.

Yummy-time ahead:
* Fall for the “Afternoon tea in the park” hampers by Bea’s . Ah, if only we also could order some sun!

* This week-end, the Southbank market celebrates India.

* Dine as on the Titanic -  the final menu is recreated at Hix for the centenary.

* A mobile tea-room – love it! Follow it in Soho.

Take the little ones along:
* A delicious idea from Carluccio’s: a biscuit workshop for bakers-to-be.

* Take them to see the newborn ducklings -  nothing could be cuter.

Out of the ordinary:
* On Thursday, shop rock’n’roll at a cute themed vintage market.

* Abracadabra, have a look at the Magic Circle Museum.

* On Friday, indulge in a free concert at the V&A, a mix of jazz and Indian music.

* Every Sunday until the end of August, the Spitafields City Farm proposes an outdoor “eco-chic” market -  worth a detour if you are around Brick Lane.

* Did you know you can swap your books on Carnaby street?

* On Sunday, to celebrate the Olivier Awards, the place to be will be the Covent garden Piazza with performances from top West End shows.

* Or celebrate Thai new year at the amazing temple in Wimbledon -  exoticism guaranteed. Or just stop by at Trafalgar square.

A week-end in London: March 29-Apr. 01, 2012

Look. This is my secret weapon for challenging weeks. You know, those when files build a China wall around you. This perfect butter and honey flajack, with a layer of caramel, another of chocolate, sprinklend with hazelnuts and pistachios take all the trouble away, one bite at a time. Of course, you have used more than your calorie allowance but yes, it is that good, even if it seems simple enough. Stock on those at Prêt-à-manger. And to burn the extra energy, choose in the week-end ideas below!

That’s art baby:
* On Thursday, dress 1930ies style to see the Mondrian exhibition.
* Friday, the late evening of the V&A celebrates Persia.
* A musical sculpture in Canary Wharf? Now that will make you love modern art.

Yummy time ahead:
* A speakeasy behind a sex-shop in Soho, how intriguing!
* The food market on Southbank will be all about chocolate this week-end.
* Indulge at the chocolate lab too. They even do brunches.
* The best Sunday idea ever -  a roast with a “Make your own Bloody Mary” option. And a kids club!

Take the little ones along:
* The Harry Potter studios are opening on Saturday – magic!
* Dimanche, sortez les cerfs-volants.On Sunday, go and fly a kite.

Out of the ordinary:
* Try Kicktable - an amazing way to discover new skills or share yours.
* Revise your London ABC.
* Kensington Palace has reopened, even more magical than before.

A week-end in London: Sept 02-04, 2011

I keep looking at my Filofax -  September? Summer has gone so fast.  Only one solution can balance this: shop. New work clothes, bags, accessorie, killer shoes. Autumn leaves will not slow me down. Alernatively, try those ideas to keep a sparkling mood!

* Make yourself all beautiful at this gorgeous vintage evening.

* Enjoy a crafty night market.

* Meat balls are the new trend and frankly, our mouth waters at the thought of those.

* Our youth video games music will be played by a classical orchestra on Southbank -  a great way to rediscover them.

* Start knitting and be part of a work of art at the Tate.

* Discover the smallest cathedral in London.

* Try those miniature games on Southbank for the biggest fun.

* Marvel at these childhood inspired posters at the London Transport Museum.

* Have mojitos and pizza aboard a double decker.

* Try urban gardening.

* Those nails of your could be masterpieces, you know.

* See London from above. Through fab drawing here. While sipping a cocktail here.

* We all have stoped at cafés just to use their free wifi. Well. now, we can go for a pint too.

* Mary Poppins might have been right about a spoonful of sugar but these days it is all about a spoonful of London honey

* Be on the lookout -  Terry Pratchett will stop in London to talk about his new book in October. Tickets will be on sale soon.

* Harry Potter fans will want to book those tours organised by Warner too -  you will get closer to the sets.

* Is you company installing of those free hives? Let us know! We’d love to write about it.


A week-end in London: August 05-07, 2011

Tonight, I am planning a romantic picnic: the Nomad Cinema will be setting up its screen in a royal park of Richmond. Watching a Miyazaki under a starlit sky while drinking some champagne really has some charm. Wave if you are going too!

* Love Japanese animation movies? This thursday, Summer Wars will be projected for free on Canada Square.

* Still on Thursday night (Thursday really is the new Friday you now), go to Southbank and try a few urban games.

* Get that keyboard ready: Café Luc’s £1 sale is near. Friday August 05 at 13.30 to be precise. You will have yo be quick! We have tried them in the past: so much fun and laughs and it is free.

* Selfridges wants to make you see la vie en rose. Well, possibly drink it too.

* Friday, go and see a rhino race. It seems they are getting ready for the Olympics.

* Summer holidays have well started and you are now short of ideas to keep the kids occupied? Try Lollibop, a festival dedicated to children in Regent’s Park. Once the entry paid, all the activities are free.

* Discover Pure Evil’s Warhol side.

* Conquer Windsor Castle’s famous tower – quite a view.

* Stroll along the Thames but on the Hammersmith side. Oh and stop at our favourite pub there, with a beautiful take on the river.

* Rewrite Dickens.

* Nothing like a pint in this weather – so try the very best ones at this beer festival.

* A department store dedicated to vintage has just opened – what a choice! For a more personal atmosphere, try Peekaboo Vintage (sumptuous dresses). Or just enjoy this vintage tea party!

* Remember House of Hackney baroque fabrics? They have created the sweetest gin den with Bombay Sapphire.

* Cider and magic? Yes, this way.


* Impress your guests and fool your kids. On August the 27th, The Culinary Academy proposes a fascinating course with the co-founder of Petit Pois -you know, the vegetable based cupcakes at Selfridges? You will learn how to cook a banana and sticky toffee cake, a chocolate cake with aubergines and courgette scones. Sounds very different? Yeah, and delicious too.

* On September 03 and 04, a secret location along the Thames will suddnly become very Californian for a Top Gun projection. Get those tickets now!

A week-end in London: July 29-31, 2011

Like Alice’s white rabbit, I am runnign after time these days. But follow me through London-wonderland!

* For their late evening, V&A turns into a summer camp.

* The Urban Physic Garden offers more than a green oasis in the City. This Friday there will be dinner and theatre.

* Learn how to do a perfect ice-cream at this free workshop.

* Your heart will melt for this adorable café.

* But if you are looking for the best coffee in London, follow Time Out’s recommendation!

* Brunch and dance on the roofs of Kensington.

* Southbank turns vintage this week-end with a fabulous festival. Worth stopping, especially for the BA catwalk retracing stewardess fashion -  so elegant!

* Try a London buggy tour.

* Gladiators are back in London -  place your bets, the games are on.

* It’s shoe time. Apres Vivienne Westwood, Selfridges welcomes a Terry de Havilland retrospective.

* Love narguiles? Try those vodka, wine or champagne infused tobbaccos.

* An unusual bar -  try it quick!

* Nothing better than a summer fete on a Sunday. This one will be a delight for cyclists.

Pssst: Remember The Blues Kitchen? Join on a Tuesday note and pretend you are Indiana Jones. The restaurant proposes a Carnivore Club with a different exotic meat each week in August. Kangaroo on the 2nd, crocodile on the 09th….

A week-end in London: July 15-17, 2011

A few evenings ago, inspiration was escaping me. I typed and crossed out sentences constantly – the letters of  the Delete button were in danger of fading away. And so I sighed. And I thought of the artists who used to find their muse in the Green Fairy. Did that really work? If so, should I be relocating my office in this new absinth bar, between the elegant fountains and delicate spoons?

if you, on the other hand, are in search of London inspiration, I have just what you need:

* Free burritos, Thursday and Friday at Canary Wharf.

* A touch of glamour at the National Portrait Gallery.

* Chocolate? For a good cause? Well, we can’t say no, then, surely…

* Kensington Palace gets enchanted in the evening for the summer. (Click here for a few pics)

* A few steps away… the Nomad Cinema will project at Kensington gardens this week-end. Truman show, Thelma & Louise, Fargo: yes, there are some spaces left.

* Rediscover the past Olympic games in pictures. Oh, for a bird’s view of the stadium, head that way.

* Support ukuleles. In the most musical way, of course.

* Explore the plant rooms and corridors under the Royal Festival Hall.

* Wow. Chaps have their own olympiade – all gentlemen games and vintage suits.

* Another journey in the past with those amazing pics of Tower Bridge being build. Saved from the skip!

* Circus time at Southbank!

* too hot? Get a glimpse of the Arctic.

* Join the swap and share picnic for a dose of happiness, fun games and craft.

Pssst: book now to get a chance to create your own gin.


This Week End in London

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