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Tate Modern – Henri Matisse, the cut-outs

In Matisse’s work, I see Tahiti. The vibrant colours. The ferns, the corals. The hibiscus blooms. The tifaifais, the local patchworks.

This is what I expected from the new exhibition opening at the Tate, one of the largest ever dedicated to the artist. I discovered a different artist in the process. When his health problems stopped him from painting, he became a sculptor. Not of stone, but of paper, cutting straight into it, scissors becoming an extension of his soul as the brush had been before. He could reposition the shapes on the canvas, trying different angles. You read about it beforehand but it only really makes sense when you see it.

Henri Matisse, the cut-outs is like glancing though the looking glass. Step closer – you’ll notice how the shapes are collaged, the meandering charcoal lines, the experimentation. Experts, when analysing Acanthuses, have counted no less than one thousand pin holes… On others, you can imagine a spiral, a grid to better grasp the architecture he had in mind.

A few more things that I held dear… The stained windows he made for the Vence chapel, glass not being a material I associate with Matisse, how the idea consumed him for a while. Oceania, a piece that started randomly, simply by not willing to discard a shape, putting it on the wall to hide an annoying default. Being inspired, transforming the whole room by adding corals, leaves, birds. And of course, the absolute must-see, the four blue nudes, reunited for the very first time. These voluptuous female silhouettes have a Picasso side to me, a de-constructed geometry carefully reinvented.

If you are not familiar with the artist’s work, this is probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see 130 pieces at once, fully absorbing his art (which you really should follow by a visit to the Matisse museum in Nice to fully grasp the colours, so very different in the light of the south of France, where they originated). If you already admire him, you will learn so much more about this techniques, be touched by his slight hesitations, his repositioning… This makes him curiously more human.

Henri Matisse, the cut-outs
Until September 7th 2014
Tate Modern
London SE1 9TG

m1 m3 matisse_drawing_with_scissors

A week-end in London: July 26-29, 2012

Until now, I was completely immune to the Olympics. I really had no interest. But yesterday evening, going to Stratford, it hit me. Such a different atmosphere there than in the heart of London! The coming together, the diversity of nationalities in the streets, the huge-ness of it all, The Orbit shining in the sunset, the contrast between what used to be a normal neighbourhood and the size of the new constructions. And the vibe, the electricity in the air, the anticipation, the pride, the cheerfulness… It transports you suddenly, takes you by surprise. Are you in London this week-end? Scroll down for fun ideas!

That’s art, baby:

* On Thursday evening, the National Theater will be lit up in flames

* Sports the fun way -  Victorian inspired with a touch of fun and crazyness.

* Rediscover Bob Marley at the British Music Experience.

* At the Tate, art becomes planet-friendly.

Take the little ones along:

* The Natural History Museumwelcomes a new species -  lions made entirely of crochet.

* 99 tiny games have been hidden in London – time to go fun-hunting.

* Add a little colour to London.

Yummy time ahead:

* Crunch your way through the Olympics with these adorable themed biscuit.

* Or discover world cuisine through Global Feast, THE pop-up of the summer: 20 meals each dedicated to a different country.

Out of the ordinary:

* How about sailing along the Thames on dream boats?

* Too hot? Try this new pop-up spa which includes a bar.

* Listen. At 08.12 on Friday, thousands of bells around the country will ring to celebrate the opening of the Olympic Games.

* Print your own T-shirt at Levi’s.

* Pretend you are in Singapore.

* On Friday, watch the Games opening ceremony on a big screen at Victoria Park.

* Another street party? Yes, but a giant one on all Exhibition Road.

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A week-end in London: June 28-25, 2012

Revisiting Kensington Palace recently, I fell under its charm all over again. Forget dusty old houses, no matter how royal. Here, historical anecnotes appear in old-style newspapers, irresistible. Drawers can be opened, books opened, secret messages found. Room after room art installation bring you to a dream world, waking up the whispers of the house, making emotions so much more vibrant. Magical indeed. Now, what about you? What have you planned for the week-end?

That’s art, baby:
* Can art. Yes. Using can-struction.

* Destructure architecture at the late evening of the V&A on Friday.

* Rediscover Munch’s paintings at the Tate.

Yummy time ahead:
* What a delicious idea: a cooking workshop dedicated to the afternoon tea.

* On Saturday, the Fifteen celebrates its tenth birthday with a fabulous street party.

Out of the ordinary:
* It’s party time on Charing Cross road this Saturday.

* Caudalie brings Bordeaux to London with a divine pop-up spa in Harrods.

* On Saturday, go vintage crazy with this kilo-sale.

* Play ping-pong in the streets of London. A fantastic (and free) idea.

* Feel like dancing with Havana rumba.

* On Sunday, celebrate Canada day on Trafalgar Square.

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A week-end in London: Feb 17-19, 2012

The most beautiful flowers are those blooming forever. On greyish days, I dream in front of this paper lace work by Rob Ryan. Of escapes to the seaside and spring valleys. A few seconds of sweetness before reality kicks in. Somehow, it proves even more efficient than chocolate.

That’s art baby:
* Rediscover Picasso at the Tate.
* Add a touch of surrealism with Chihuly.

Take the little ones along:
* Saturday, learn how to make 3D pancakes. It’s free.
* Also on that day, try the apple wassail at Camden’s Natural Reserve.
* The Duck Tour now proposes a James Bond theme.

Love, Love, Love:
* Victoria & Albert, a royal love -  fabulous animations.

Out of the ordinary:
* Saturday, go clue hunting in Shoreditch.
* Or sing at the pub. At the Coach & horses, it has become a tradition every Saturday. They even have a piano.
* Prepare your own potions.
* A little London love.
* See a movie. On a roof. In a theatre made of reclaimed material form the olympic park.
* Camelias are in bloom at the Chiswick House – gorgeous!

Lost in London – autumn edition

I had fallen in love with the very first one. It made me rediscover London, its village atmosphere, the richness of its fauna, its incredible green spaces and I am not talking about the royal parks. Though it, I met extraordinary, inspiring people, inspired by craft or community. Another side of the capital, a more human, heart-warming one.

Not a book yet so much more than a magazine. The illustrations are just sublime. Make yourself a hot chocolate or a steaming Lapsang and indulge. Trust me, you will begoing through it again and again. This new edition will tell you about… secret spots in the City, the life of the peregrine falcon who lives on top of the Tate chimney, will make you want to have a rooftop, think that knitting indeed is trendy, put your wellies on to see that vineyard close to the M25… Oh, and I do share a few of my favourite cake and ale addresses in there too.

Buy it -  it is such a gem!

A week-end in London: Sept 02-04, 2011

I keep looking at my Filofax -  September? Summer has gone so fast.  Only one solution can balance this: shop. New work clothes, bags, accessorie, killer shoes. Autumn leaves will not slow me down. Alernatively, try those ideas to keep a sparkling mood!

* Make yourself all beautiful at this gorgeous vintage evening.

* Enjoy a crafty night market.

* Meat balls are the new trend and frankly, our mouth waters at the thought of those.

* Our youth video games music will be played by a classical orchestra on Southbank -  a great way to rediscover them.

* Start knitting and be part of a work of art at the Tate.

* Discover the smallest cathedral in London.

* Try those miniature games on Southbank for the biggest fun.

* Marvel at these childhood inspired posters at the London Transport Museum.

* Have mojitos and pizza aboard a double decker.

* Try urban gardening.

* Those nails of your could be masterpieces, you know.

* See London from above. Through fab drawing here. While sipping a cocktail here.

* We all have stoped at cafés just to use their free wifi. Well. now, we can go for a pint too.

* Mary Poppins might have been right about a spoonful of sugar but these days it is all about a spoonful of London honey

* Be on the lookout -  Terry Pratchett will stop in London to talk about his new book in October. Tickets will be on sale soon.

* Harry Potter fans will want to book those tours organised by Warner too -  you will get closer to the sets.

* Is you company installing of those free hives? Let us know! We’d love to write about it.


Post-it for the week-end (Dec 12-13)

Fed up with Xmas shopping? A few ideas to forget all about it…

- Well first, you need energy. Carluccio’s has a special -10% on their deli this Thursday. Best of all, you’re welcomed with mulled wine and canapes…

- T’is the season to be eating finger-licking good treats! Head for the chocolate festival on Southbank.

- Don’t forget the new exhibitions: question your identity @ the Wellcome Collection or test artistic technology @ the V&A.

- More of the street art fan? Head for the Flying Eyeball.

- of course there is the pop-up of the week-end: Elton John’s clothes and stage outfits on sale, profits going to his AIDS foundation. Not whithin your budget? Try Barnardo’s vintage shop on Carnaby street to pack a bargain!

- Rediscover England with fascinating landscape pictures @ the National Theatre

- Take the kids to a panto: there will be a toy Aladdin one @ Covent Garden on Sunday…

-… or pet an ice polar bear on Trafalgar Square….

- … or your toddlers to a Baby disco party on Saturday! Shake it, baby!

- Why not an interactive Treasur Hunt?

- a last festive note: the Tate Britain is setting up its artistic Xmas tree this Friday.

Did I forget anything? Leave me a note!

You’ll find me @ the Earth exhibition (then trying to choose from one of the gorgeous cakes at the Sketch Pop Up) and at the strange and amazing House of fairy tales


This Week End in London

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