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The Garrison

Strolling along the Thames, around London Bridge? Fancy a break away from the tourists with a vintage feeling to it? Make an escape towards Bermondsey Street. The first part of the street does not have much interest for a while then it suddenly turns into a lovely selection of independant boutiques (even a glass blowing one), foodie shops, a florist with a sense of humour, the Fashion and Textile Museum and the White Cube Gallery. There also is The Garrison, between adorable café and pub with its retro atmosphere, its mismatched chairs, its 50ies style lampshades, a light made of a bunch of teacups, a hundred details that make it quite a fascinating scene. Go there for a coffee, a glass of wine, breakfast, a gorgeous meal chosen from their refined menu or… even a movie in their private projection roon on Sunday nights!

The Garrison
99-101 Bermondsey Street
London SE1 3XB

The Garrison, restaurant, London, pub, café, Tower Bridge, Bermondsey street The Garrison, restaurant, London, pub, café, Tower Bridge, Bermondsey street The Garrison, restaurant, London, pub, café, Tower Bridge, Bermondsey street The Garrison, restaurant, London, pub, café, Tower Bridge, Bermondsey street The Garrison, restaurant, London, pub, café, Tower Bridge, Bermondsey street The Garrison, restaurant, London, pub, café, Tower Bridge, Bermondsey street The Garrison, restaurant, London, pub, café, Tower Bridge, Bermondsey street

A week-end in London: July 15-17, 2011

A few evenings ago, inspiration was escaping me. I typed and crossed out sentences constantly – the letters of  the Delete button were in danger of fading away. And so I sighed. And I thought of the artists who used to find their muse in the Green Fairy. Did that really work? If so, should I be relocating my office in this new absinth bar, between the elegant fountains and delicate spoons?

if you, on the other hand, are in search of London inspiration, I have just what you need:

* Free burritos, Thursday and Friday at Canary Wharf.

* A touch of glamour at the National Portrait Gallery.

* Chocolate? For a good cause? Well, we can’t say no, then, surely…

* Kensington Palace gets enchanted in the evening for the summer. (Click here for a few pics)

* A few steps away… the Nomad Cinema will project at Kensington gardens this week-end. Truman show, Thelma & Louise, Fargo: yes, there are some spaces left.

* Rediscover the past Olympic games in pictures. Oh, for a bird’s view of the stadium, head that way.

* Support ukuleles. In the most musical way, of course.

* Explore the plant rooms and corridors under the Royal Festival Hall.

* Wow. Chaps have their own olympiade – all gentlemen games and vintage suits.

* Another journey in the past with those amazing pics of Tower Bridge being build. Saved from the skip!

* Circus time at Southbank!

* too hot? Get a glimpse of the Arctic.

* Join the swap and share picnic for a dose of happiness, fun games and craft.

Pssst: book now to get a chance to create your own gin.

A postcard from London

It’s always magical…

…to happen to be there when Tower bridge (the very first London bridge, by the way) opens up…

Did you know it also was a very romantic bridge?

Sign your name accross Tower Bridge

Have you ever noticed, while strolling through the city, a small lock on a fence, a bridge, with no reason at all?

The idea started in Hungary in the early 1980ies. Lovers would write their name, sometimes a date and leave them at an important place for them. Very often, this tended to be a fixed place in a town, leading to mountains of them. Bridges are a favourite: the key is then thrown in the water in a symbol of eternal love or left on the lock, waiting for the couple to come back to their cherished city. The tradition travels well: from Europe to China via Russia!

Paris is no exception. They were all taken down mysteriously from the pont des arts in May (fingers point towards the City Hall who do deny having interfered), but they are making a come back…

Amusing? Urban poetry? Romantic pollution? Opinions differ. Authorities do see them as yet another form of graffiti they will have to clean at some point.

London is less invaded but you will find more than a hundred on Tower Bridge grids while walking from the Scoop to the Tower (and sometimes on Embankment bridge, watch out!)

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge Road
London, SE1 2UP

An alternative to Earl Grey

I count as a tea fanatic and cannot imagine a day without a huge teapot at my side. However, being pregnant just cut this love entirely. Oh, halas for my precious Darjeelings, senchas, chais, rooibos!

Walking along the wharves at Tower Bridge,  the icy wind pushed me inside a teahouse. I sighed sadly, looking at their poetci and wonderful range. But heaven, they did have an alternative to tea! Do try their hibiscus steamer. Much more refreshing than a tea. Their ginger and lemongrass version also is worth the stop. You’ll find you really are taking oyur time to make it last longer. Both are served a with honey on the side and are pure heaven.

Wish I could have taken a flask of those with me for the way back! Really must try their matcha latte too.

31 Shad Thames
London  SE1 2YR
Hibiscus steamer £2.35


This Week End in London

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