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Loop the Loop – interview

Loop the Loop or the beauty of the past, glimpses of a forgotten moment, memories of different eras. Laura and Adam have a gift of finding objects with a particular purity, making you wonder about their travels, what they have seen during lives that often outstrip our own. Come, Laura answered a few questions on what proved a rather marvellous adventure.

Loop the loop
You are what I would call a treasure hunter. A very sharp eye for beautiful things and a vision for them too, seeing past their distressed look, projecting them in the perfect environment… Were you always going round flea markets and antique shops? When did the passion start?

My passion for vintage furniture and curiosities stems back to when I was younger and my mum took us around various antique shops. We always had second hand furniture growing up, which were always well made and full of character. I didn’t realise this had been such an influence until recently, when, during a change in career paths, I happened to find myself painting and decorating for friends and family. One house in particular ignited my passion again for interiors and for reclaimed vintage objects. The family I worked for had amazing taste and style and I’d spend hours transforming a dilapidated old wardrobe into a gorgeous piece of furniture, this was when I decided to get back into visiting flea markets and antique fairs again.

Tell us about a particular day of going through boxes at your favourite shops and markets. Do you have a particular strategy or do you stroll around waiting for the “Love at first sight” effect?

I do have a bit of a strategy, Adam and I always go together and I always have a list of items in the back of my mind that I’m on the hunt for. We tend to get there early and split up, I’ll tackle one side of stalls and Adam another. I like to quickly scan over each stall and then fast track onto the next one until I see something I like. I’m always worried that someone else might get there first, but then once I’ve had a quick look around, I’ll go back re-tracing my steps, meticulously looking at the stalls again to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Loop the loop -  Laura Holmes
You are a team of 3 – you (Laura), your husband Adam and Otti, your adorable pointer. How do you balance the work? There is so much to be done between the finding, photoshooting, taking orders and shipping, developing a relationship with the customers, maintaining the website and as you rely on unique pieces, I expect this would be daily…

Yes, there is just the three of us, I work on Loop the Loop full-time and oversee the daily running of the business. Adam concentrates on the technical and design side of the website, but he also has other work commitments at the moment although he is based in the office so is on hand if things get busy. Our pointer Otti is very easy going and loves to sleep most of the time.

It’s both thrilling and challenging to start your own business. What advice would you give someone ready to take the jump?

Make sure you give yourself enough time and be patient. If you decide to ‘go for it’ you need to give it 100%. It’s always important to remember how far you have come and not take it for granted, when I look back at how much we’ve achieved in the past with Loop the Loop it really motivates me to keep pushing forward.

Isn’t it difficult finding such beautiful objects, knowing they are unique, falling in love with them then realising you are going to sell them?

Yes this is very true, I wish I could keep most of the items we find, but I always buy what I love just in case we can’t sell it and I’m stuck with it!

You also have a beautiful range of vintage industrial furniture and other newer pieces inspired by this theme. Do you remember the very first piece you bought?

We started with only a small handful of vintage products and the business has grown from there. I think one of the first pieces I bought for Loop the Loop were a pair of wooden shoe lasts.
Loop the loop

Do you ever receive bespoke orders for a particular piece / style / object that set you on a particular hunt?

We have a long waiting list for vintage bevelled edge mirrors, they are so popular and sell as soon as we find them.

I was looking at a very sweet chair on your site - vintage, a light, cheerful blue, distressed look. Do you sell all pieces as found, just cleaned, or do you give them a little TLC?

When we look for pieces we always make sure they are in good condition and possibly only require a little clean. Some of our vintage pieces we buy from an antiques centre where they upcycle the items before we’ve bought them.

Loop the loop

A silly question maybe, but… where do you store all these? This must take an incredible space! Your website is rather addictive so I expect your finds never stay with you very long. That must quite some juggling!

We are very fortunate to have a large house with a big basement, this is where we store our stock, as well as in our office.

If you could choose a quote - from a poem, a song, a book, a speech… - to describe Loop the Loop, what would it be?

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

Loop the Loop

Loop the loop

Rox in a box

Look at those. Aren’t they ever so glamorous? They look straight out of a magazine. The black diamond shape, the elegance of the silver threadm the volume brought by the angular pearls… What amazes me is how clear the idea was in the designer’s mind, Diana, how evident the lines, the movement were. They were dreamt to match this sublime 1920ies necklace, with a short, slightly transparent black dress and stilettos for the Harrods cocktail party. Chicissime. Makes you want to sing All that jazz!

Rox in a box
Etsy shop

rox in a box, di, diana, jewel, fashion, bespoke, vintage, 1920, party, earrings, necklace rox in a box, di, diana, jewel, fashion, bespoke, vintage, 1920, party, earrings, necklace rox in a box, di, diana, jewel, fashion, bespoke, vintage, 1920, party, earrings, necklace

Rox in a box

From her travels in the Middle-East, Diana shares a different look on the world, amazingly bright colours and polished gems. In her hands, they come alive, tell a story -  soothing deserts, simple people with a heart of gold, met along the way and nevre forgotten, gorgeous landscapes. She has a real gift, beautiful Diana, to put together round and angular beads, making each jewel unique, calling for a touch, a carress. The kind of jewel that needs a special dress -  not a simple accessory. The kind of jewel that will make you want to throw a party and dance and jump in joy. Like this one, made for me from a few dream words and just perfect, inspired by the 1930ies style and vintage fashion. Look at those curves, those ever charming curves and you’ll just fall in love…

Rox in a box
Etsy shop

Rox in a box, jewel, gem, Diana, necklace, vintage, bead, beauty, fashion Rox in a box, jewel, gem, Diana, necklace, vintage, bead, beauty, fashion Rox in a box, jewel, gem, Diana, necklace, vintage, bead, beauty, fashion Rox in a box, jewel, gem, Diana, necklace, vintage, bead, beauty, fashion Rox in a box, jewel, gem, Diana, necklace, vintage, bead, beauty, fashion Rox in a box, jewel, gem, Diana, necklace, vintage, bead, beauty, fashion Rox in a box, jewel, gem, Diana, necklace, vintage, bead, beauty, fashion Rox in a box, jewel, gem, Diana, necklace, vintage, bead, beauty, fashion Rox in a box, jewel, gem, Diana, necklace, vintage, bead, beauty, fashion Rox in a box, jewel, gem, Diana, necklace, vintage, bead, beauty, fashion

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons – The Rocks, Sydney

Dans le quartier historique The Rocks, on flâne d’un café à l’autre, d’une boutique à l’autre. Au détour d’une allée, on tombe sur Buttons, buttons, buttons -  une mine de boutons vintage en melanine, écorce, nacre, verre, ivoire végétale…In the historical neighbourhood called The Rocks, you can stroll from cute cafés to adorable boutiques for hours. Do try and find Buttons, buttons, buttons, such a treasure chest of vintage buttons made of melanine, wood, vegetable ivory and many very unique!

Buttons, buttons, buttons
25 Nurses Walk

The Rocks
NSW 2000

Buttons buttons buttons the rocks sydney vintage buttonsButtons buttons buttons the rocks sydney vintage buttonButtons buttons buttons the rocks sydney vintage buttonButtons buttons buttons the rocks sydney vintage buttonButtons buttons buttons the rocks sydney vintage button

A week-end in London: June 28-25, 2012

Revisiting Kensington Palace recently, I fell under its charm all over again. Forget dusty old houses, no matter how royal. Here, historical anecnotes appear in old-style newspapers, irresistible. Drawers can be opened, books opened, secret messages found. Room after room art installation bring you to a dream world, waking up the whispers of the house, making emotions so much more vibrant. Magical indeed. Now, what about you? What have you planned for the week-end?

That’s art, baby:
* Can art. Yes. Using can-struction.

* Destructure architecture at the late evening of the V&A on Friday.

* Rediscover Munch’s paintings at the Tate.

Yummy time ahead:
* What a delicious idea: a cooking workshop dedicated to the afternoon tea.

* On Saturday, the Fifteen celebrates its tenth birthday with a fabulous street party.

Out of the ordinary:
* It’s party time on Charing Cross road this Saturday.

* Caudalie brings Bordeaux to London with a divine pop-up spa in Harrods.

* On Saturday, go vintage crazy with this kilo-sale.

* Play ping-pong in the streets of London. A fantastic (and free) idea.

* Feel like dancing with Havana rumba.

* On Sunday, celebrate Canada day on Trafalgar Square.

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Abilu Creations

Love vintage style? You will fall for Abilu Creations. The designer, Abigail Lucy Bruford, collects the most amazing charms and makes them come alive under her skilled fingers. All jewels are hand-made, a richness of small details that will hypnotise you for hours. Impossible not to play with those and you will be asked a hundred times a day about them by complete strangers. A little nostalgic, very poetic and a touch of rock’n'roll too!

Abilu Creations

Vintage London

Fashion is fascinated by vintage. From iconic dresses to teacups -  you just cannot escape it.  And yet, unlike a high street item, finding the one you are after may take a little bit of hunting. Where to go? Brick Lane is the place to start but if you are looking for a specific era or a less trendy object, you are suddenly out of your comfort zone. The Seconhand and Vintage London book will save you quite some time. Whether you are after a 1930ies jacket, a Motown collector disk, amazing china or 1970ies furniture -  it has it all with even interviews of shop owners to learn all the fun anecdotes. A section is dedicated to car boot sales, auctions and charity shops worth following, another list all the names on a map, per neighbourhood. Brilliant.

And so you will see London from a different angle – a detout via a reconverted Edwardian picturehouse, another to have a look at a collection of accordions, maybe get yourself glasses worthy of Elton John or even a shop sign…

Seconhand and vintage London, £8.95

A week-end in London: April 12-15, 2012

I love April skies. Indecisive, tortured. A ray of sunshine, a shower of rain, the sudden music of hail. Of course, it may lead to a certain surcharge (shirt, scarf, hood, sunglasses -  be prepared for everything. In the same day.) But as dusk approaches, clouds take a velvety appearance, get painted with even brighter colours if only for a minute, like a luxurious marble… Get your umbrella and scroll down to discover ideas for your week-end in London!

That’s art baby!
* Rediscover London through photographs of its past at the Wandworth museum

Be amazed by Cate Blanchett, on the stage of the Barbican for a few days only.

Yummy-time ahead:
* Fall for the “Afternoon tea in the park” hampers by Bea’s . Ah, if only we also could order some sun!

* This week-end, the Southbank market celebrates India.

* Dine as on the Titanic -  the final menu is recreated at Hix for the centenary.

* A mobile tea-room – love it! Follow it in Soho.

Take the little ones along:
* A delicious idea from Carluccio’s: a biscuit workshop for bakers-to-be.

* Take them to see the newborn ducklings -  nothing could be cuter.

Out of the ordinary:
* On Thursday, shop rock’n'roll at a cute themed vintage market.

* Abracadabra, have a look at the Magic Circle Museum.

* On Friday, indulge in a free concert at the V&A, a mix of jazz and Indian music.

* Every Sunday until the end of August, the Spitafields City Farm proposes an outdoor “eco-chic” market -  worth a detour if you are around Brick Lane.

* Did you know you can swap your books on Carnaby street?

* On Sunday, to celebrate the Olivier Awards, the place to be will be the Covent garden Piazza with performances from top West End shows.

* Or celebrate Thai new year at the amazing temple in Wimbledon -  exoticism guaranteed. Or just stop by at Trafalgar square.

Andrea Garland beauty treats

On a chimney mantel. Under an aged mirror, glass replaced by gold in places.
Carefully chosen jewels. A candle flame dancing.
A delicately decorated case.

What could it be?

It opens.
A powder compact.
Rose fragranced, divine.
An enchanting lip balm.
Essential oils.

A creation by Andrea Garland.
Aromatherapist, natural products only.
Inspired by vintage boxes, jewels too.
Rings, brooches with a secret.
At Liberty.
Love it.

Andréa Garland

A week-end in London: Oct 07-09, 2011

I feel like colouring the sky with the highlighters I keep at work, don’t you? Meanwhile, we can always paint the town red…

* Every Thursday in October, taste beer in a micro-brewery.

* (Re)discover Brixton village, who has its own currency.

* There will be dancing on the squares.

* Art shine in neon colours.

* Get your bike out -  there is a cake tour on!

* Step into a magical world.

* Learn a little something about a legend of Brick Lane.

* Get a slice of Boris.

* Harrods adds a Swedish touch to Xmas treats.

* Even if you are not planning to marry, go and admire those sublime vintage dresses.

* Calling all the honeys

* You can love knitting AND be a bit of a rebel.

* Oh, that should really get you dancing  if you are a Tina Turner fan.

Pssst: Lazarides is lauching their second artistic edition in the Old Vic Tunnels. The theme will be the Minotaur and this should also be quite a gastonomic experience too. Have you got your ticket yet?


This Week End in London

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