Shutterly Fabulous

This is one thing I do miss from France –  window shutters, especially wooden ones. It reminds me of hot, summer days, of nap time at week-ends. They give you the same privacy as curtains but such a lovely romantic atmosphere, slightly colonial, letting the light filter through softly. On a sunny day, they draw amazing patterns on the floor. They have, how could I say? character and elegance…

If you are looking for an extra stylish touch, try Shutterly Fabulous, the UK’s leader on the market. They design theirs from beautiful basswood, poplar or elm. They can, of course, be custom-made, even custom-coloured. Look at this amazing palette of colours in the picture below – you can go pantene crazy! But even in simple white, this totally transforms a room, makes it ever so soothing, even more cocoon like…

Go on –  this is the quickest way to make your house look as if it could picture in a glossy magazine!



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