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A chaque humeur son type de bière. Les stouts sombres, plus sur l’amertume m’inspirent des instants chocolatés. Le lundi, je suis plutôt sur des IPAs citronnées. Le week-end sur des sours, pas obligatoirement fruitées. Le vendredi, lorsque sonne la Happy Hour, l’heure de délivrance, j’ai une petite favorite. La Curious Brew, par Chapel Down (qui en passant fait un sparkling fabuleusement proche du champagne, go GB, go!).I used to not be a fan of beer. It took a trip to Antwerp to convince me. I discovered there were some excellent beers and some only vaguely good ones. I just had to go hunting for the microbreweries. It is, to be honest, an acquired taste but I can now match each mood with the perfect brew. Stouts, dark and more on the bitter side, go with my chocolate moments. On Mondays, when I need something lighter, I’ll choose a white one. Or a zesty IPA. Week-ends call for a strong sour. Especially since I have found that they do not need to be so much on the fruity side. On Fridays, though, for my Happy Hour, I like a Curious Brew. Made by Chapel Down, the only British sparkling wine that I once mistook at a blind tasting for a champagne. Yep. That perfectly designed.

Elle utilise la même levure que celle du champagne, ce qui lui offre une ligne pure, sans faute.  Ajoutez 3 sortes de houblon – Saaz, Cascade, Nelson Sauvin – et un filtrage à froid. Une dentelle de bulle plus fine. Plus élégante qu’une simple Lager pas aussi formelle qu’un sparkling, l’équilibre juste entre les deux. La seule bière que je bois dans une flûte. Elle a un petit air de fête en plus…Why is it such a nice lager? Well, it uses champagne yeast. And this gives is a beautiful, mineral, pure line. Not exactly a beer. Not exactly a sparkling wine. Right in the middle. Super refreshing too. 3 kinds of hops – Saaz, Cascade, Nelson Sauvin. A cold filtering. Finer lace of bubbles. So I insist, I rebel and drink it in a champagne glass.

Chapel Down – Curious Brew

Curious Brew Curious Brew Curious Brew

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