What to do this week-end in London: April 10-11-12


Week-end ahead! Here are some more cool things to enjoy in London. If you have tips we haven’t covered, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below…


♥ That’s London, baby ♥
1. On Friday, the Museum of London will screen the movie Sherlock Holmes. Dressing up is very, very strongly encouraged. Go on. If only because the best ones will be rewarded! So… Holmes or Watson? Cumberbatch or Elementary?

2. The boat race – Oxford vs Cambridge- is back! Get ready – it will take place on Saturday. The guide to the race is here and the list of the best pubs with a good view this way.

3. The Curious Canine Kitchen is an interesting pop-up… Their menu is entirely dedicated to dogs! If you have one, head to Shoreditch and treat him/her to it.

4. Memories, memories – there is a mini exhibition on the Spice Girls at Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

5. The RAF museum opens their archive to the public this week-end.
♥ Art and cultural inspiration ♥
1. On Saturday, learn more about the Sikh culture at the City Hall. There will be traditional dance, music, food, martial art. You can even learn how to tie a turban.

2. Dream about stars at the Daniel Blau Gallery – great vintage pictures from Apollo and other iconic missions there at the moment.

3. The Imperial War Museum is focusing on fashion – despite rations, women found way to keep their elegance. Learn how!

4. Les Enfants Terribles have made a new version of Alice’s adventures underground. And it’s really wow.

5. Orchestra + flashmob? A different idea for playing music, on Saturday at the Royal Festival Hall.
♥ Yum ♥
1. Spring is here at last. It’s time to celebrate – here you’ll find a list of the best rooftop watering holes in London.

2. Try the cruffin – croissant meets muffin.

3. Fancy learning a little more about champagne? Try the Moët Academy, a sparkling pop-up at the Oxo Tower.

4. G&T fans will love The London Gin Club – no less than 130 gins to choose from.

5. A dinner composed of 5 desserts AND themed around ice-cream – sign me up! A fantastic idea by the super talented Happy Endings.
♥ 5 ideas to make your little ones smile ♥
1. On Friday, the Little Disco Company invites kids to come and dance to Frozen.

2. Sadler’s Wells has a whole family week-end planned, packed with cool shows, games and workshops. Great place to take the children to.

3. Adults have the boat race and kids… the goat race! On Saturday at the Spitalfields City Farm.

4. The Butterfly House is back at the Natural History Museum.

5. How about playing Where’s Wally at the Children’s Story Centre this week-end?

♪♫♪♫ Click on the map to see where the events are! ♪♫♪♫




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