Shrek’s adventure


Forget La Vie en Rose. On Southbank, it’s all about green at the moment – Shrek is in town with a brand new attraction. Imagine – you can now fill a whole day with kids without moving too much. The London Eye, the London Dungeon, the Aquarium and Shrek’s adventure are all in a row… Being part of the Merlin group, if you combine tickets you get a reduction on the original price too. Basically: the more you see, the more you save.

What to expect? My kids have watched the sequels so many times that they know part of the script by heart. In real life? Same crazy, hilarious sense of humour! It really feels like having jumped into the movie… Walking through this fantastic (anti) fairy-tale universe, you get to visit the swamp, see The Poison Apple Pub, cook at the Muffin Man’s house… There are ten stops along the way, with characters playing a little show for you each time. Fantastic interaction with the little ones.

The kids loved it. My 4 year old was totally absorbed, eyes wide. My 9 year old daughter is more on the teenage side these day but that is the brilliant thing. The sense of humour always has a twist and can be enjoyed by adults too. She laughed and laughed and laughed.  Our favourite moments:
>> The magic double decker where you get to fly away. The 4D is impressive, definitely no need for real rollercoasters these days!
>> The mirror maze, so well done you definitely do get lost (until Sleeping Beauty rescues you). A hundred times better than any I had tried at funfairs,
>> The arrival hall – cool set ups with characters from Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Train Your Dragon… The only place in the tour where you use your camera. Snap all you want for fab family memories!

Our only regret? Although the rhythm is perfect – not too slow, not rushed either – there are so many fun details in the decor, you do miss a part. Sounds like a second visit is in order!


Shrek’s adventure


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