Burger decadence at BRGR


Some days, I am rather reasonable – 5 a day, freshly pressed fruit juice, quinoa, dark chocolate and green tea. Sometimes, I’m weak and London offers so many temptations! Yesterday, I was in need of #burgerporn (I call it half term survival) and stopped at BRGR in Chelsea – think Scottish beef, chosen for its beautiful marbling, brioche buns, a chic diner feel with black leather banquettes, exposed brick walls and a cow head all of fame (all made by different artists).

What I really wanted was The Scrum, designed in the spirit of the Rugby World Cup. Pure burger decadence, piled high, for those festive moments when you just want it all. I am told that some have succeeded to bite through without completely deconstructing it… It is as tasty as it is impressive: two patties, bacon and cheese, topped with crispy onion rings and a drizzle of maple syrup for a brilliant salt and sweet, addictive touch. It comes with salad, slices of tomato and gherkin on the side and all the sauces you can dream of – ketchup, BBQ, smoky Tabasco…  It’s the kind of comforting treat you want on a cold rainy day but… be warned, it is really filling, sides are not needed (if only because the onion rings are IN your burger). Although a coke float goes really nicely…

Good to know too – the chain does have a kids menu with orange juice, two adorable sliders (without veg, which makes it easier if, like me, you have a fussy eater who only accepts peas for green food and tomato as a sauce), fries and ice-cream. The staff are very children-friendly too.

My waiter strongly recommended the bronut for dessert and well, at that point, calories barely seemed to matter anymore… Think Hybrid: brownie meets doughnut – same heavenly chocolatey tastes but with a doughnut kind of icing around it. Add a scoop for vanilla ice-cream on top for a perfect cookies-and-milk balance!

You will leave feeling the strength of gravity but with a huge, happy smile on your face. Do not come here feeling “peckish” – make the most of the experience, work up an appetite, skip lunch, devour!




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