When girls are feeling blue but can’t afford a full shopping spree, they have a secret weapon: paper therapy. Choosing gorgeous cards to write sweet words to loved ones, falling for an elegant pen and notebook to untangle our thoughts, adding a little fun to boring files with colourful post-it notes, structuring our working space to make it more zen. No need for chocolate, caressing paper is amazingly appeasing.

I discovered Kikki.K years ago, in Australia. Scandinavian vibe, palm trees and sunshine, it was love at first sight. Sadly, it did not exist in the UK. It became a tradition – every Christmas, my friend in Sydney Happiness and Things sends me a few gems.

Finally, finally, Kikki.K has opened its very first British shop in Covent Garden! If I had to choose only one word to describe the collection, it would be inspirational. Never underestimate the power of phrases such as Be brave, Every day is a fresh startIt’s not what I want to do. It’s what kind of life do I want to have? They motivate and boost us, push us to find new projects or to simply get through the day.

I have a fondness for their notebooks. One is dedicated to dreams, with amazing quotes here and there. Another to goals, with simple questions allowing you to understand what you are really aiming for, identifying the obstacles, choosing a reward. Imagine how satisfying it must be when you have filled it all! The 365 gives you a page a day to stick mementos on. The gratitude one helps you revisit the day and choose one ray of sunshine no matter how challenging it may have been.

But then, I get distracted by the gold and white range – cup, teapot, vase… or the everso cute gold on blue and white stripes. There is also a line dedicated to London with a brilliant double sided wrapping paper.

Little confettis of happiness to celebrate 2016. My new year’s resolution? A daily dose of Kikki.K, much more efficient than Vitamin C!


>> Kikki.K, 5-6 James St, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8BH <<


Kikki.K London Covent Garden

Kikki.K London Covent Garden




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