What to do in London this week-end: Jan 01-02-03



Week-end ahead! Here are some more cool things to enjoy in London. If you have tips we haven’t covered, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below…




♥ That’s London, baby ♥

1. Don’t miss the New Year Parade in London, between Piccadilly and Parliament Square. You will find a few tips here.

2. Celebrate the New Year the Irish way with a ceilidh at the Royal Festival Hall on January 1st.

3. There are 7 nose sculptures hidden on the walls of Soho. Join the guided walk on January 1st to find them (it’s really hard on your own!), learn about the area’s rather funky story and well, stop at a few pubs too.

4. Enjoy the Twelfth Night celebrations on Southbank on Sunday, right outside Shakespeare’s Globe. The Holly Man, King Bean and Queen Pea will be wassailing and dancing, and the George Inn nearby will be serving mince pies and mulled wine

5. How about watching the whole Tolkien trilogy at The Prince Charles Cinema on Sunday?


♥ Yum ♥

1. Travelling through world food – see where to eat Ethiopian (I’m a big fan!) in London this way or try Shared City’s multicultural tour of London on Sunday.

2. In a sparkling mood? It’s time to raise a glass of champagne or prosecco to the New Year. The best places in town are listed here.

3. The French celebrate Epiphany with a special King’s cake, the galette des rois in which a charm is hidden. Try it from January 2nd at La Patisserie des Reves!

4. 10 fabulous beers to try in 2016.

5. If January means detox to you – try these healthy but delicious addresses.


♥ 5 ideas to make your little ones smile ♥

1. JW3 is screening Pan for a tiny price on Sunday, £5.

2. On Sunday, RichMix will have a kids’ disco – Hip-Hop, Funk and block party anthems. Free.

3. The Southbank Centre is offering a gardening workshop on Sunday, for children to plant a new seed for the New Year. Free.

4. Go and see The little match girl at Sadler’s Wells, a show adapted from Christian Andersen’s tale.

5. There is still time to enjoy The little bird who stayed for winter at the Roundhouse theatre. A little bird loves the songs of a Parisian street artist so much that when all the other birds fly away for the winter she stays behind.


♪♫♪♫ Click on the map to see where the events are! ♪♫♪♫




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