{Bagel love}



Bagel love.

It’s almost a passion, really. There isn’t a bagel-less week in my house. That sourdough base, once toasted is simply super-satisfying to the point of being addictive. Cinnamon swirl cravings can indeed be fixed with a Cinnamon and Raisin bagel, no guilt involved. We all have our favourite in the New York Bakery Co range – Red Onion & Chives for the parents, plain for James, Blueberry for Louise-Anne, although we all have a weakness for the Sesame ones.

It’s become as much a treat as a game. We use a white base, you see: cream cheese, goats cheese, ricotta, mascarpone… so we have come to see the bagel as a canvas for edible art. Once piled randomly, ingredients are now arranged with care for the brightest contrast for the eye as well as the tastebuds. Masterpieces to be devoured!

And so bagels became our picnic must-have. We toast them in advance and take along a whole palette of flavours to pile up (sometimes incredibly high too!). The only condition is that each creation must have at least one veg or fruit (although we found sometimes both work rather well together). And so were born the goat’s cheese-rocket-avocado-pink pepper on a Red Onion & Chives bagel, the cream cheese-smoked salmon-dill-radish on a sesame seed bagel, and the mascarpone-juicy raspberries…

Happiness in just a few bites, from breakfast to dinner 🙂


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