{Tsuki Mochi}


Low clouds, bringing the world into half tones, shadows and a fascinating array of greys and whites. A day to stay home and snuggle in an armchair. Cup of tea, steaming hot. I listen to silence, to the wind blowing in the trees. From the corner of my eyes, I glimpse a touch of gold – the luxurious box of Tsuki Mochi, dark chocolate Japanese confectionary.

On the box, I notice the silhouette of a rabbit against a full moon. The legend says that he made mochi to save humans from starvation. Rice flour, water, sugar need to be mixed, steamed then pummeled to make a thin layer of dough. Have a look at the video here to see how much work that is! To thank him, the gods immortalised his portrait, pestle in hand on the surface of the celestial body. Another reason to dream a little next time you look up at a starry sky…

Remember your first chocolate truffle? How intense the taste was? Since then, so many have been devoured that, although the pleasure is still there, the surprise effect has long faded. But this mochi moment was incredibly voluptuous. The soft cacao powder, the sensual rice dough, the melt in the mouth chocolate mousse… Take small bites, close your eyes. Kill the phone, no app notification is more important than this…


>> Tsuki Mochi – at Selfridges, Whole Foods Market, As Nature Intended <<


>> Already a mochi fan? Try Little Moons, Tsuki Mochi’s sister branch, filled with ice-cream. Matcha, sesame, vanilla, mango, raspberry, coconut… Choosing just one flavour is impossible! Even Nobu asks Little Moons to make exclusive flavours for their Michelin star restaurant. <<


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