10 sport ideas to have fun in London



Fancy seeing London from a different angle? Love a dynamic lifestyle? Here are 10 sport but fun ideas to make the most of this amazing city.


1. Go on. Try paddle boarding from Paddington Basin then the canal or even directly on the Thames with Active 360.




2. Or even kayaking! Be on the lookout for Secret Adventures  new dates – on the Hackney canal, with a break at a brewery/pizzeria or even by night, on the Thames, taking you right under Tower Bridge.


Secret Adventures


3. The new yoga trendy spots? Look up. Go high. The Shard has a Saturday session, the Sky Garden both week and week-end ones. The Secret Yoga Rooftop often organises theirs on the Dalston rooftop, following it with a picnic.


yoga sky garden


4. Try Go Ape, taking you up the trees in Battersea Park. There are 3 levels for adults, 1 for kids. And yes, there are zip wires! The little café nearby does nice pizzas by the way.




5. Not a lot of time to go round London but still want to catch a few iconic sights? Your running session could be a scenic one with Cityjogging. They go along the Thames, royal parks and palaces, maritime London…

6. Tally Ho! Cycle Tours are also a good way to burn calories while having a good time. Their routes include London Landmarks and Old City. You might give up on being reasonable though and go for their Gin & Food tour instead.


Tally ho cycle tours


7. Every Wednesday morning, Project Awesome organises fitness sessions along the Thames, right by Tower Bridge. It’s free and everyone is welcome. Be brave: it starts at 6:30am.

project awesome


8. Did you know you can go horse-riding in Hyde Park? Hyde Park Stables also has ponies for the kids.

Hyde Park Stables


9. If you are looking for something quite extraordinary, consider trapeze in Regent’s Park or Kensington Gardens. This is where Gorilla Circus settles for the summer. It’s not as expensive as you might think, £28 for 2 hours.

10. Londoners love Lidos and you can even swim in the Serpentine, the lake in Hyde Park. My favourite though is a natural swimming pool, filtered by plants: King’s Cross Pond.


king's cross pond


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