{London} The Ying and Yang of Life in the Big City



the city life, the pretty lights” (CC BY 2.0) by flavouz 


No-one could possibly argue that London isn’t a truly great city to get out and about in, to explore and to immerse yourself in, body and soul. With so much going on and such a diversity of entertainment and fulfilling opportunities at every turn, the capital is without doubt a ‘going out’ place to live. Staying tucked up inside your own four walls may be all well and good for the hermits in our midst, but for everyone else it represents a serious waste of the glorious resource that London has to offer.

That imperative to get out and about does however come with a caveat. We all know about taking care of ourselves when we’re out and about, not making ourselves easy prey, looking out for warning signs and having a plan should we find ourselves in an uncomfortable position. But being out and about also means leaving house and home unattended. And that entails its own responsibilities.


Let’s Hear it for Security

Fortunately, the advent of digital technologies has done wonders for the home security industry. Whereas once we might have had to rely on the old trick of leaving a light on when we went out, today our homes and properties can be kept safe and secure under a blanket of protective care that comes in the form of all manner of clever lights, alarms, movement sensors, and cameras. And as Operation Bumblebee tells us, double glazing, security doors and high-spec locks, window locks and even humble padlocks all play their part.


Mysterious box” (CC BY 2.0) by  blondinrikard 

Going out in 2016 does not have to mean leaving our cherished personal spaces vulnerable to attack as it once did. Today’s modern alarm system technology is capable of providing an all-round security cordon around that tiny part of the city that we might choose to keep just for ourselves.

Given the way our homes are now so much better protected, it is perhaps hardly surprising that burglary rates have dropped in recent years – even if the police’s ability to catch the people responsible seems to be deteriorating. Clearly, all those clever bits of kit work as effective deterrents.


The Ying and Yang of City Life

Cities by their very nature are disparate, dynamic places to live and for cities the size of London that is doubly true. Billionaires and bottle washers live cheek by jowl in what is one of the most densely populated areas in all of Europe. That means that there is an inherent tension running through the city streets that is partly what fuels the energy and creativity that make it such an inspiring place to be. But is also gives rise to less appealing tensions. And while we can’t help but be drawn to the positive side of that story – to the buzz, the excitement and the richness that city living brings – we are bound to recognise that there is a grittier, more down to earth aspect to this life as well. There is a ying and yang to life in the city.

Happily, much of the watchfulness that London life demands can be delegated to our digital friends. There is no better start to a great outing than to be sure that your little piece of the city will be safe and sound when you get home.



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