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You know what they say. A new haircut, a new hair colour is like starting a new chapter of your life. It’s liberating. It makes you feel like you have super-powers you haven’t activated yet. That everything is possible. You are yourself and someone new at the same time. From dark I went to red. And from red I recently went to blonde. I love that it makes me look younger.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how many things I had to change. Lighter colours in my wardrobe. More gold in my make-up, even in my nail varnish. Even hair products. Because my hair is bleached it’s thinner, drier. It requires more care – less heat, a good conditioner. And although it looks brilliant in the sunshine, it seems to follow the weather and look duller when it gets grey and rainy. It needs TLC. And a boost. But given how much the highlights costs in my salon, I can’t go back every 3 weeks.

That’s where Liquid Blonde by Pro:voke comes in. It’s an easy two-steps little revolution. Why? Because their Colour Activating Treatment Shampoo includes Golden Blonde pigments that gives it instant sexiness… Like make-up for hair or a real Instagram filter, a “sun kissed” one. And that, my friends, is in just one wash. It’s a gorgeous honey colour too, with scents of summer, wild flowers and incense. Almost a therapy in itself.

Now, let’s talk about phase 2 – the Intense Shine Conditioner. It has a rich, smooth texture you trust instantly… The secret ingredient is Tamanu oil from Southeast Asia and Polynesia. Not only does it repair the structure of your hair (damn you, hairdryer), it protects the colour and add the perfect finish gloss. As if you had just stepped out of your salon. Bonus points – they are super affordable (£4.99 and £3.99). Trust me – these are your two new best friends.


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