How To Find The Perfect Sofa For You


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If you’ve watched television at any point since the beginning of September, chances are you’ve seen the annual advert parade featuring autumn furniture sales. As Christmas approaches, more brands are bound to begin showcasing their very best snuggly sofas and warm armchairs with fantastic discounts, but I always find it difficult to figure out which one is best for my home. Sure, most of them are perfectly nice pieces of furniture, but how do you know which will go well with your home?

Well, never fear because I thought I’d do some sofa web surfing and find out! Here’s what I like to call The Couch Questionnaire as before you go searching for sofas to sit on, you need to really figure out what it is you want.


1. Does your new sofa have to match or work with specific colours or themes in your home?
If the answer is yes, then you probably know which colour you’re going to go for. If you’re not so sure, stick with classic, versatile and neutral colours like cream or beige.


2. What will your sofa be used for?


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The obvious answer is: sitting. However, you may want to give this question a little more thought. If you’ve got children or plenty of pets, then you know that your sofa has to be durable! This means ensuring you purchase a chair with sturdy fabrics that are easy to repair and clean. Alternatively, if you’re experiencing back pain and like to sit on your sofa to relax, you’ll need a chair that fits your needs and isn’t too low.


3. How much space do you have?

No matter how nice a sofa is, it’s just not going to work if it takes up almost all of your living room or won’t fit where you wished to put it. Always make sure you measure your designated space and the couch itself.


4. Which Sofa Style Do You Like?

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Now we’re getting to the good stuff: which sort of sofa do you like the most? Apparently, there are more seat varieties then you’d think!
Two-Seater Sofas: These are best for smaller rooms or as part of a larger sofa set. Usually, people tend to have a pair of two-seater sofas together to create a cosy feel.

Three-Seater Sofas: Of all the sofas you’ll see in people’s homes, three-seaters are probably the most popular. Whilst two-seaters are often part of a suite, these are usually the main piece.
Four-Seater Sofas: Big families need a big sofa, so a four-seater is perfect for a large household. On the Vivendo site, you can even get them in extra-large size and with an ottoman!
Corner Sofas: If you’ve got the space for a corner sofa, it’s definitely a suite to consider. Not only do you get a big couch, it also acts as a room divider and makes the most of the room you have available.
Sofa Beds: The craftier ones among us are always looking for a high-quality sofa bed, as they are perfect for when you have guests over if you don’t have a spare room.


5. How much money do you want to spend?


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There’s only so much money we can set aside for a new sofa when there are so many other financial obligations we have, so it’s no surprise that furniture stores constantly seem to have sales going on. The more money you spend though, the longer your sofa is going to last. Sagging, cracked leather, bowed frames and other damages are inevitable, but with high-quality materials you can usually put this off for much longer.
At the end of the day, a sofa is an investment. I hope this post will help you figure out which sofa is best for you and your family!






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