In London this weekend: Oct 14-16



No plans yet? Here are some more cool things to do this weekend in London. If you have tips we haven’t covered, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below… Taking a Eurostar soon? 23 ideas to have fun around St Pancras this way.




♥ That’s London, baby ♥

1. Start the weekend at the Old Spitalfields Market on Friday evening – many Thai restaurant are joining the night market to present their best dishes. There will also be a Thai herb garden, a DJ and live street art.

2. A funny pop-up is celebrating the Wool Week – the whole decoration is knitted (even the box of corn flakes!)

3. Take your worst French accent and join the resistance for one night. There will be fun, irony, missions, exploding meringues, a 3 course meal in a bistrot and swing dancing at Shhh Maman le mot.

4. We love Spirit of Surplus’ initiative this Sunday, fighting food wastage. in the heart of the exhibition, the Kitchen will be providing a range of exciting food, all gathered from surplus sources and prepared by leading and inspired chefs. And yes, you can try and see how good that is.

5. Celebrate Africa on Trafalgar Square this Saturday and Diwali on Sunday: dance, music, street food market, craft.


♥ Art and culture ♥

1. Love out of the ordinary creativity? Have a look at Donna Huanca’s first solo exhibition at the Zabludowicz Collection. Naked models covered in paint wander around what used to be a Methodist church.

2. The Queen’s House has just reopened in Greenwich after renovation. Worth stopping by if only for its amazing tulip stairs…

3. The Chinese National Peking Opera Company is playing in London – always quite exceptional.

4. The Vulgar – in fashion, this can be quite an art as The Barbican points out in their new exhibition.

5. Discover the secrets of Highgate Cemetery’s mausolea this Sunday.


♥ Yum! ♥

1. Kerb is celebrating their 4th birthday this Friday – there will be games, music, craft beer and amazing food. Think mac ‘n cheese fries, fried chicken nuggets with popcorn and chipotle chocolate salt, Baked Alaska with marshmallow sauce, butterscotch honeycomb pecan choux cones , Smartie exploding chocolate buttercream donuts!

2. Lucky Chip serves a Stranger Things menu.

3. Where to drink a Greek, Turkish, Vietnamese… coffees in London.

4. Immersive drinking is in – this weekend you can sip your whisky with VR headset on.

5. To celebrate the Chocolate Show, Paul bakeries are selling cacao baguettes this week.


♥ 5 ideas to make your little ones smile ♥

1. The Science Museum have just opened a new gallery, the Wonderlab – kids are sure to love it: chemistry bar, science experiences, a Tesla Coil, an ice cream bar and even slides.

2. On Saturday, kids can join a dramatic workshop around Jason and the Argonauts at the Unicorn Theatre.

3. Keats House will be telling beastly tales and helping the kids to make character finger puppets

4. The Lancaster is holding a Honey Show this Sunday – a good opportunity to see the hotel’s hives.

5. Help the Dulwich Gallery create the World’s Longest Landscape this Sunday – children can draw on the piece too.


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