La Soirée is back in London



Yes. La Soirée is back, Spiegeltent included, right on Leicester Square, surrounded by a Christmas Market and fairy lights. If you’re familiar with the show, you know how exciting it is. If you’re not… the only way to really describe it is wonderfully outrageous.

It does look, at first, like a circus tent. A little retro. Pastel and flashy lighting, stage in the middle, chairs arranged in circles around it. And indeed the audience comes here light-hearted, wanting to have a good time, be shocked and wowed, a 21st century version of their childhood memories, a more adult one too. It will be a rollercoaster. One minute you’re laughing to tears, the other amazed by muscular guys or incredible, naughty sexiness before being moved by the beauty of an act like bubbles filled with smoke…

Acrobats skills will merge with burlesque, strip tease and glamour. Hoola hooping has never been so… hypnotising, guys show off the full strength of their muscles (and really tight boxers), a male trapezist in high heels will make you gasp and make you want to go to the Torture Garden. The sense of humour is between Eurotrash and Benny Hill and you simply can’t help but love it. You probably shouldn’t but ah, it’s so not politically correct that it’s a relief. It’s… unshareable outside the tent, there simply is no way to explain properly the banana biting/throwing/juggling, the erotic Spanish lesson, the double jointed Captain Frollo stuck in two tennis rackets.

You have to be there. It’s a kind of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” thing. And as the artists change from one night to another… you will want to come back too. I personally recommend a daily dose.


More about La Soirée, back in London until Jan 8, 2017 here


La soirée La soirée


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