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Can you remember a pre-eBay time? Neither can I. They’re 21 years old. 5 years ago, they put forward the idea of doing our shopping on our phone. And look now – it has become so natural for us to do so. So when they said “Wake up, the future is here”, I listened and joined their latest popup in central London the “Do good, feel good experience”.


The Ultimate ‘do good, feel good’ Shop by eBay


eBay asked Lightwave to help them on a Christmas shopping study. A hundred persons were equipped with biometric watches and sent to the shops. The result, says Rana June, CEO of Lightwave? 32 minutes in, they had lost all thoughtfulness, they were frustrated, the whole activity had become a chore. Enters the concept of “emotional shopping”.


Rana June CEO Lightwave Rana June CEO Lightwave


Knock on the door at 93 Mortimer Street and you will enter a soothing white and neon world, with 4 biometric booths. In each, a screen. Enter a few personal details (name, age, gender) and wait. eBay will present a selection of 12 items – there is no need to click nor select anything. A camera is analysing your smile, eyebrow rising, anything that is linked to an expression. It takes around 4 minutes, nothing more and you get a list of the top 3 objects you emotionally connected with. Your emotion reports is then projected on a giant screen as a stunning artwork. Does it work? Surprisingly well, yes. When heading for a shopping wave, we rarely know what to look for. We most likely have a list of people than themes. This… helps you refine your thoughts, points you in the right direction. Whether you then do your shopping in the high street or online barely matters – it’s taken so much of the stress off. And this, my friend, might very well be the normal way of shopping in 5 years’ time. We all have a webcam on our laptops after all!


The Ultimate ‘do good, feel good’ Shop by eBay


There is an added cherry on the cake. To celebrate Giving Tuesday, eBay has come up with a Just Giving page or the “Ultimate Do Good, Feel Good Shop”. A number of brands (Bang & Olufsen, Philips, Superdry, Andrew James, BMW, Boohoo, Trueboy, Curry’s, Joules, Mini but also items signed by celebrities…) have contributed: not only are the items at a reduced price but a percentage of the sale will go to the charity of their choice. And you, as an individual, can join and list objects that will support a good cause. If you donate the whole price, there will of course be no charge.

Go on. Give the eBay popup a chance. I guarantee this will make your Christmas shopping SO much more enjoyable…


The Ultimate ‘do good, feel good’ Shop by eBay is open to Christmas gifters from 10.30-17.00 on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th November at 93 Mortimer St, London W1W 7SS





The Ultimate ‘do good, feel good’ Shop by eBay



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