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The ritz casino london


How about enjoying a glamorous trip to the casino? With the darker and chillier nights of winter drawing in, it seems like the perfect time to add some dazzling entertainment to our evenings. And that’s why a visit to the The Ritz in London was on the cards, as it’s probably the capital’s most famous gaming location.

The casino is actually part of the glorious Ritz hotel which is located just on the edge of Green Park and is near London’s other glittering attractions such as Buckingham Palace and the luxury department store Fortnum and Mason – handy if you’re looking for somewhere to spend your prize winnings!


The ritz casino london


The hotel was built in 1906 by the famous Swiss hotelier César Ritz and shows off an elaborate French architectural theme that can be spotted on the exterior through the huge copper lions on the corners of the roof.

But it’s the interior of the casino hotel that really takes the breath away. With its sumptuous Louis XVI style rooms showing off sparkling chandeliers and panelled mirrors in luxurious bronze frames, it certainly adds a touch of elegance as you approach the gaming tables.


The ritz casino london


Thankfully the staff hold up the high customer standards of yesteryear and make you feel like a VIP as you attempt to play the roulette, blackjack, poker and blackjack games. Interestingly, the casino has recently suffered record losses of £12.5 million which is hard to believe when you look at the glorious furnishings of this gambling space.

It could be that because Betway are a leading online casino, they are drawing crowds away from the likes of the Ritz thanks to the ease with which you can enjoy all of their table and slots gaming attractions and promotions.


The ritz casino london


And it’s this increased competition that has caused The Ritz to try a few other measures to keep its customers coming through the doors. In particular it’s the wonderful restaurant that has really been attracting bigger visitor numbers in the past few months.

Thanks to the culinary expertise of head chef John Williams, the restaurant has just been awarded its first Michelin star. And although it isn’t cheap, the main course dishes of slow-cooked lobster, line-caught seabass and grilled Hereford sirloin instantly show why this is becoming an increasingly popular food destination.

So although The Ritz may be struggling against the rise of the online casinos, it certainly has plenty of other attractions to help it survive well into the 21st century.


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