Dinner Parties: 5 Themed Twists on Your Usual Soirée



Everyone loves a party but without a theme, it can be hard to make your party stand out from the crowd. What you really need is an amazing theme that both you and your guests will adore. By choosing a theme it gives you the perfect excuse to get all your guests dressed up, decorate your home and even try some new foods.

Here are 5 of our favourite themes for an unforgettable party:

1. Foreign Feast

A party is like a mini-vacation away from our daily lives, so why not take yours to the next level with a foreign feast? All you need to do is pick your favourite holiday destination and plan the food accordingly. For a Japanese theme you could have sushi and sake, for American think burgers and hot dogs and for Italian you could have pizza and gelato. You could even decorate your party in the theme of your country and make fun cocktails to match.


Dinner Parties: 5 Themed Twists on Your Usual Soirée fun cocktails fun cocktails


2. History Lesson

The easiest, and most fun, way to learn about the past is through a party. In fact, we should have held some history parties when we were all still at school. Pick your favourite period in history, such as Victorian England, Ancient Greek or perhaps Medieval Europe. All your guests can dress up in clothing from the era and you could serve food and drinks from the time. You could even make up snippet cards of various facts from that time in history and use them as decorations. Not only will your guests have a ball, they’ll learn some history too.

3. Literary Night

Everyone has a favourite book, and these books make for the perfect theme for a party. If you love Alice and Wonderland, organise a Mad Hatter Tea party with cocktails in teapots and lots of delicious cakes to nibble on. Harry Potter fans could have a massive banquet similar to one of the Hogwarts feasts and copy famous treats from the books such as cauldron cakes and butterbeer. If you’re really brave you could organise a Game of Thrones party – just keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t end up like the infamous Red Wedding.


Dinner Parties: 5 Themed Twists on Your Usual Soirée history lesson


4. Games Night

Whether it’s board games or card games, there is nothing quite like a games night for a party. You could go small and intimate with a table football or Monopoly night, just invite a few friends over and provide some snacks and dips. Or, you could organise a black-tie Las Vegas night with poker and blackjack tables. Give everyone some casino chips at the start of the night and organise a prize such as champagne for the person with the most chips at the end of the night. Keep things light hearted and print off the hand rankings so everyone at the party can have a go.

5. Colour Palette

If you’re looking for a really simplistic, but classy theme for a party then a colour theme could be perfect for you. You could go for a classic combination of black and white, where all the decorations and guest’s outfits are matched. Or, for something more daring, go for a rainbow party and splash your venue with colour.


Dinner Parties: 5 Themed Twists on Your Usual Soirée games nighr


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