Play it cool with POLO mints



Want a mint? is always a good ice breaker when thrown in a crowd of strangers and looking for a chat to kill the time. Especially if these are POLO ones – the shape is so iconic, it inevitably brings back memories of childhood… You could call it a classic: it was after all, created in 1948! It was a little revolution at the time: up to then mints had been a mere breath freshener and definitely not a treat, bitter, medicated taste included. POLO mints however, were sweet, pleasant and soon became a must have.


To me, it’s the ideal family road trip candy. Tasty. A fresh taste lingering on the tastebuds. As addictive and satisfying as popcorn. And well, playful, it does call for some tongue gymnastics, kids love that… Which one is your favourite? Original? Spearmint? I go for the free extra strong ones. Full taste, less than 4 calories. Guilt free and kind to the teeth. Yes, you read that right: the Oral Health Foundation gave them their full approval, which led to the next idea.


The traditional POLO tube counts 23 mints, neatly wrapped in aluminium foil backed and the vibrant logo. But POLOs also are the perfect travel accessory – think long flights or even summer parties. Did you know that a third of the Brits do not brush their teeth during 5 days festivals? Incredible – when you are going to meet so many people there? Talk about a life saver! The famous POLO mints now exists in pots of 44 – easy to carry along (no risk of it being crushed if that backpack of yours is quite full), easy to share.

Funny how big a difference little things can make… Stock up, my friends, stock up!


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