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ice karting queens london


Queens, already famous for its funky bowling lanes / ice rink / classic Arcade Games / Meatliquor combo decided to wow us some more. Twice a week, you can now add a little James Bond to your evening and go ice karting. Given my driving skills, I was the least possible candidate for this but come on – how cool is the idea? You get all suited up, gloves and helmet included, and get to slide a car on ice…

It’s easier than you think

If like me you like to go slow first, you will be amazed at how easy it is to handle and you can control how daring you want to. Soon you are speeding up, trying different approaches of the corners, avoiding other drivers almost with elegance. It is… incredibly liberating and you will find yourself laughing in delight as you go along. The world is yours. Well, the ice rink is, at least.

Action, movie style fun

If you are more into competition, go on, bring your friends along. I like to play it relatively safely but the ice brings adds extra challenge you have been waiting for. It puts the fun back into karting – the only thing missing is a live commentary! It’s also a fantastic place to practise drifting, controlling the effect a little more each time, Grand Tour style.

There is no bad day ice karting can’t fix – the cheer-me-up effect is immediate. It’s addictive – you just want another session, straight away. It is expensive, of course £44 for 40 minutes. You might just be driving around a rink but oh, they go faster than you think and you will love every second of it.


QUEENS| Ice karting sessions £44



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