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I took a sip, closed my eyes and thought – yes. That is what Christmas takes like. Have you tried Warninks Advocaat yet? Made from eggs (16 by bottle, more than any other brand on the market), sugar, brandy and a little vanilla, this Dutch drink reminds me of eggnog. Sweet yes, but add a slightly drier spirit to it and you have a perfect balance…

Have a bottle at home and looking for inspiration? Stop at the Original Sin in Stoke Newington: a narrow basement bar with the counter on one side, leather banquettes on the other, fairy lights to add to the magic. On the menu is a Snowball Flight: a selection of 3 full size cocktails inspired by Warninks Advocaat. The trio is priced at £14 – perfect to share with friends or to go with a game of snooker! But let me make your mouth water…

The Saint Nick

Warninks advocaat, Calvados, triple sec, fresh lemon juice, topped with mulled Breton cider: this is the retro Snowball cocktail, reinvented. Even better served with a cinnamon and sugar rim… Think of it as flamed aples with a drizzle of single cream!

The Garland

My favourite. Warninks advocaat blended with amontillado sherry, rum and topped with ginger ale. It reminds me of Mary Poppin’s drink which changes flavours as it go along. It starts like a sugar cube dissolving gently on your tongue before revealing raisin, nuts, spices…

The Snowflake

Another take on a classic. Take The Aviation, keep the gin and maraschino liqueur and add a little Warninks advocaat and top it with champagne and lemon juice. That bubbliness at the end of each sip… Perfect to celebrate the New Year in style.

And at home?

Try the cocktail creator on the brand’s website: simply enter 4 ingredients and it will come up with the perfect recipe for Warninks… or simply add some advocaat to a homemade hot chocolate to make it more decadent!


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