Gluten free restaurants, cafés and patisseries in Paris


passage des panorama paris sans gluten


When I lived in Paris, 18 years ago, the city was just starting to consider alternative diets. I once remember a vegetarian American friend being offered chicken as an option. Meat was beef. The rest was in the veggie column, right? And how could you not want a grilled entrecôte? Waiters would go blank. The only option coming to mind would be a salad. Better order a glass of wine, then, before explaining you’re a coeliac in a country who thinks their baguette should be listed as a Unesco cultural treasure.

Things have changed. Partly because of the “Eat healthy” trend, bringing a wide range of veggie and vegan addresses. Partly because the condition is better diagnosed, forcing restaurants to think further and supermarkets to add a GF range, however. To me it’s a little revolution of its own: the French are stubborn (I would know, I’m one)! But you can now meet with non-coeliac friends in a bistrot and still enjoy your lunch, go brunching, enjoy éclairs, waffles and pancakes and even buy gluten free bread in a bakery. Sure, you still have to pinpoint the addresses but there finally is some creativity out there.

Don’t know where to start? I work on “family friendly itineraries” for travel lovers and have seen an increasing demand from coeliac. Little by little, my list of addresses grew: I have pinned them on a Google Map for you, each with a quick description. This should make your life a little simpler.

This does not include crêperies (buckwheat galettes are GF), nor organic supermarkets with a GF range: there simply are too many. Nor is it a complete list: restaurants, bakeries are bound to open and close. So please, if you have found an amazing place or heard that one is sadly no more, do leave a comment below 🙂

Two more tips:
> La Fourchette, which lists restaurants, gives you the option to book and even offers reductions, also has a “sans gluten” (without gluten) option in their “Type de cuisine” filters.
> Always wanted to do a food tour in Paris but weary of how complex it can get? Great news: Discover Walks does a veggie and GF one.


What else is left to say now but… Bon appétit!



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