The ultimate travel guide for film fans


Films are often the way we discover new and exciting locations. Whether it’s far-flung destinations like Maya Bay in Thailand after watching The Beach, or the glamorous hotspots of Las Vegas in the Hangover, they provide us with a tantalising glimpse of a destination. Here are just a handful of films that could inspire your travel plans for the year ahead…  where do you fancy visiting?

 New York Breakfast in Tiffany's Paris movies

New York City

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Home Alone, and the Sex and the City Movie… New York City is a popular location for film sets, and it’s easy to see why. Its towering skyscrapers have featured in Hollywood blockbusters such as King Kong, and those iconic yellow cabs will have you reminiscing about Taxi Driver. Fly into JFK airport for a spot of nostalgia over When Harry Met Sally, and shop for toys at FAO Schwarz if you fancy pretending you’re in the cast of Tom Hanks’ Big.


With charming cobbled streets and the exquisite village square – Chocolat is a film that had plenty of us longing for a holiday to rural France. Filmed in the sleepy village of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain (Burgundy), it’s a lovely place to visit if you’re working your way around the region’s vineyards. But what about France’s crowning glory, Paris? Well, Moulin Rouge, Amélie and the Hunchback of Notre-Dame features some of Paris’ most enticing draws, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Notre-Dame cathedral. From the street lamps glowing on the River Seine in Midnight in Paris, to the street-level view of the city in Disney’s charming Ratatouille, it’s a holiday destination you’ll fall in love with after re-watching your favourite films.


movies in italy and greece


Magnificent architecture, mouth-watering wine and sweeping olive groves – who hasn’t watched a film set in Italy and wanted to visit? We were dreaming of romantic Tuscan villas after watching Letters to Juliet, and enigmatic Rome is more than a little desirable after watching Eat, Pray Love… after all, where else would you find so much passion, pasta and pizzazz? But perhaps it’s the Talented Mr Ripley that most demands you visit Italy: the glistening sea of the Amalfi coast, the waterline of Venice… bellisimo!


With brilliant blue seas, whitewashed villas and charming little chapels perched atop island peninsulas, it’s easy to see why Mama Mia might have you booking tickets to Greece. While the sequel is due to be filmed in Croatia, this smash hit movie was mostly filmed in Skopelos, with some scenes set just next door in the neighbouring island of Skiathos. Enjoy dinner in a traditional tavern under twinkling fairy lights, pause in quiet chapels and swim in the warm sea: it doesn’t get better than that. Or, make your way to Kefalonia to see where Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was set –this rugged island is the perfect place to get away to if you fancy a quiet, traditional Greek holiday.


Which of these takes your fancy? Will you be hopping on a plane to experience the hustle and bustle of New York City, or will you be sprawling out on a beach in the Mediterranean? Wherever you go, allow yourself to be inspired by your favourite films/


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