European road trips to add to your bucket list


With beautiful beaches, sprawling cosmopolitan cities and nature in abundance; Europe is an exciting continent to explore. With bustling motorways, coastal routes and well-connected B roads, one the best ways to discover all the sites is by car. Driving in Europe is an experience in itself and one all drivers should have in their lifetime. Whether you’re hiring a car or bringing your own across the pond, here are some of the best routes to take.


Amalfi coast


Winding narrow roads that twist around the edges of rocky cliffs, driving the Amalfi Coast is not for the faint-hearted. For helpful advice, the RAC has created a guide featuring hints and tips to consider if you’re planning a Europe road trip. If you’re up for the challenge, driving in this beautiful part of Italy will be unforgettable. Take the Coast Road from Salerno to Amalfi onto Positano, to see the seductive, shimmering shores, the UNESCO landscape and colourful architecture shelved throughout the hills. Drive slow to take in all of the rustic beauty, stopping off in the quaint seaside resorts along the way.


loire valley france


One of the most talked about driving routes in France, the Loire Valley is spectacular. Take in the sprawling natural surroundings made up of aristocratic castles, magnificent chateaus and a wealth of history and travel through the 300 km-long stretch of green land that was given World Heritage Site status in 2000. This route starts off by the coast and flows inland through the rolling hills to the historical town of Orleans. Spend time in the natural parks, stay overnight near one of the vineyards to sample the delicious fruity exports and visit the charming, 16th-century Chateau de Chenonceau, near Tours.


germany romantic road


Stretching 217 miles, the captivating Romantic Road takes you into an alluring paradise of fairytale castles, thriving nature and gorgeous sunsets. As the name suggests, the beauty of the Romantic Road is something to experience with your partner. Follow the arc of the German hills right down to the border of Austria. Some of the highlights along this route include exploring the French baroque inspired Wurzburg Residence, the medieval city of Rothenburg and the stunning Neuschwanstein Castle nestled among the peaking Alps. However with the interchanging driving conditions, it pays to be prepared so ensure you have appropriate breakdown insurance in place and documentation with you.


Ibiza spain


With an idyllic Old Town, world-famous beaches and natural sights to see, tantalising Ibiza is best explored by car. Drive from beach to beach, dipping your toe in the warm waves before relaxing in the sunshine. Cala D’Hort offers the scenic beachside vibe that Ibiza is famous for, Raco De Ses Dones is where to unwind in ultimate solitude, while Ses Balandres is for those who seek adventure. As well as the stunning coast, Ibiza is also a natural paradise with a green blanket of pine trees and fragrant orange groves to discover.


quirang-road highlands scotland


If you don’t want to venture outside of the UK, with its rugged skyline, natural valleys and vast landscapes; The Highlands is great to explore by car. In fact, the only real way to see the beauty of Scotland is by driving through its moody landscape. Begin in the exciting city of Glasgow and travel through the stunning Loch Lomond. See if you can spot red deer who freely roam in the oak woodlands. Take a day trip to find caves and rocky coves near Oban on the island of Staffa and see the puffins along the shore. Further north, is the postcard-worthy Glen Coe to see the iconic arched bridge.


Take your pick from these incredible European road trips and add them to your bucket list to work through.



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