5 fantastic reasons to study in London

studying in London

With numerous higher education establishments within the London city limits, students are spoilt for where to attend college or university to pursue their goals. London is a perfect city to study for many great reasons.

In this article, we cover a few of those reasons to encourage you to sign up to a college or university and stay in London. Let’s dive in.

Superb student accommodation

There’s a wealth of accommodation available in the city. Depending on where you wish to be located, there are plenty of places to stay. As for student accommodation, they’re not all they are cracked up to be. If you wish to focus on your studies undistracted to get better grades, then it’s sensible to pay up for something better situated and a bit more luxurious too.

For better quality student digs, it might be worth taking a look at Collegiate AC. They have built up an enviable collection of accommodation around the UK and abroad for students who expect more. Their website at Collegiate AC covers what is provided with their accommodation including stylish design & layouts, high-speed internet, and convenient access to the centre of the city

A melting pot of different people and cultures

London is often referred to as a melting pot. It’s such a mix of local people, those who’ve recently moved into the area, students and tourists on a city break that you never know who you’re going to meet.

Not only will you encounter people from all walks of life and backgrounds, but the cultural mix is like nothing else too. Also, for foodies, there are restaurants for just about every type of international cuisine serving up award-winning dishes and people pursuing their passions.

World class entertainement

London’s West End is one of the premier entertainment centres in the world, showcasing amazing productions. There is so much to see here, such as the long running musical Les Miserables playing at the Queen’s Theatre, or the classic, Mousetrap, which first opened in 1952. Plenty to keep you entertained outside of  (or even to enrich!) studying.

History is everywhere

Just walking around the more central parts of London puts you in the middle of history. There are old buildings if you’re interested in architecture, plenty of museums to visit and art galleries to enjoy. Plenty of pomp and ceremony at Buckingham Palace too. London is a vibrant city with plenty to offer, even if history isn’t your thing.

Make early connections with potential employers

Studying in London is a great opportunity to network with a potential future employer. Many graduates end up staying in the city to work because of the increased opportunity to find just the job and career they’re looking for.

Access to multinational firms and interesting start-ups is ideal for students who are career-minded. If that sounds like you, consider becoming a summer intern at a company that matches your career aspirations.

Zip around London on two wheels

If you don’t own a car and prefer to devote more money to good accommodation over a vehicle, then you might want to consider hiring or buying a bicycle instead. There are a number of reputable bike hire companies, particularly in Central London, and dedicated bike lanes in many parts of the city.

Santander Cycles are a good option. They’re nicknamed Boris Bikes after the former Mayer of London. London has a strong focus on bikes with over 700 docking stations to lock them up and over 11,000 bikes available for rent.

London has a reputation as a terrific place for students to get their higher education. Choose your accommodation wisely to enjoy your stay more.



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