How to incorporate a travel vibe when decorating

If you have a passion for travel, then you will always want to incorporate this into your life in any way you can. One of the best ways to do this is by decorating your home so that you can enjoy a travel vibe even if you are simply relaxing at home. There are many ways to incorporate a travel vibe when decorating your home – read on for a few ideas.

Photos & Postcards

One of the most obvious ways is to incorporate a travel theme into your home decoration is to places photos and postcards around the house from your own travels. This can add visual appeal and personality and remind you of all your exciting travels while sitting around the house. Getting these in nice frames and placing them in different rooms can look fantastic and bring back happy memories.


You can also use artwork or tapestries related to travel on your walls. Photos of beautiful landscapes or a tapestry purchased from a different country can add a healthy dose of style to any room and set the tone for the entire space.

Foreign Furniture

Furniture is important for practical reasons, but it can also be used to bring a travel vibe into your home. Instead of purchasing typical western furniture, you could look to buy furniture that was either made abroad or inspired by foreign furniture. Moroccan inspired furniture, for example, is both beautiful and practical and will make a room feel much different to your typical western style.


Colour is another way to bring a travel vibe into your home. Injections of bold colours like reds, oranges and blues can bring back memories of beautiful sandy beaches and a relaxed way of life. The blinds are one way of doing this with places like Direct Blinds having a good selection to choose from, but you could also inject colour with cushions, bed throws etc.


Fragrance is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to interior design yet an area that is usually overlooked. You can bring back memories of experiences overseas by changing the fragrance of the home. The most obvious way to do this is with incense which is synonymous with travel and eastern life.


Travel is all about being in the great outdoors and enjoying nature. This means that having plants in each room of the house can help you to reconnect with nature, plus there are also proven health benefits of having plants indoors.


These are the best ways to bring a travel vibe into your own home. It can be fantastic to be relaxing at home and be reminded of adventures abroad and it is also a good way to be stylish and unique with your home decoration.


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