Why millennials should consider going on a cruise


When you think of cruise ships, the first thing that comes to mind is probably octogenarians drinking watered-down cocktails, but they have come a long way indeed in the last few decades. Indeed, whilst the average age of the cruiser remains just south of 50, there has been a triumphant surge in recent years of younger travellers discovering the joys of the cruise holiday, and we’re here to outline a few of them for you.

One trip, multiple destinations – The most obvious benefit is the sheer amount of locations you’ll get to tick off your list. Whilst on a conventional holiday you might visit two or three primary locations (if you’re lucky) on a cruise you’ll be disembarking at an exotic new location almost every day. It’s also far more comfortable to travel by cruise ship than by plane or train. On a typical cruise, you’ll not only get to tick bucket list items off your bucket list, but you might also discover locations you’d never have even heard of otherwise.

Value for money – Whilst they were once solely available to the very wealthy, the sheer size of modern cruise ships means the average price of a cruise holiday has shot down dramatically in recent years. Indeed, you might even be able to enjoy a week-long Mediterranean cruise for under a grand – perhaps even cheaper than a similarly featured resort. However, you’ll need to take the additional cost of excursions into account.

Choices – If you assumed you’d be dining in the same generic buffet restaurant and drinking at the same lounge bar every night – think again. Most modern cruise ships are packed full of drinking, dancing and dining destinations. We all know millennials like a good party and there’s no reason the party needs to stop just because you’re offshore!

Friends – Whether you’re a wannabe Instagram influencer or just a naturally sociable person who loves making friends on holiday, a cruise might be the perfect option. You’ll meet people from all walks of life and might even leave the trip with a new bestie to share social media stories with.

Variety – The stereotype might be a sunny coastal cruise, but if you’d prefer something inland, there are also plenty of river cruise holidays available with Jules Verne throughout Europe and beyond. These often contain an educational element and can take you to places that the bigger cruise ships simply wouldn’t be able to reach.

The food and the culture – Not only are you waking up in a different country every day and experiencing the local cuisine, but the food onboard is often incredibly varied, offering a balance between Michelin star quality and convenient fast food. This makes cruising an ideal holiday for self-proclaimed foodies.

Ease – Finally, with a cruise, the worry of setting up transport, hotels and flights is completely detracted from the equation, allowing you to focus on just one thing – enjoying yourself.



  1. June 24, 2019 / 20:20

    I have always wanted to go on a cruise just didn’t think it would be easily accessible for me. Now I know that it is also value for money I will be making it a priority next year.

    Thank you x

  2. October 24, 2019 / 16:50

    I have just asked my son aged 29 if he would like to go on a cruise and his succinct answer was no never you must be joking!!! So me thinks that the marketing folk have a long way to go!

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