How to look after your money when travelling abroad


We all need a break from time to time, and many of us will look forward to our holidays all year round. With the uncertainty around Brexit still looming however, more of us are booking trips outside of the EU in search of better value breaks. Holidays are a significant expense after all, and a luxury most of us will need to carefully budget for.

With your flights and accommodation booked, next there’s the small matter of spending money. But once you’re there, what are the best ways to keep your cash close abroad?

Buy travel insurance

We’ve all heard holiday horror stories and hope that they will never happen to us (and they probably won’t). That said, crime still happens, even in the safest of destinations, and buying travel insurance protects you against theft of money and much more.

The amount of cover you will need will depend on the length and location of your trip and the kind of items you’re taking with you. Try a price comparison site to find the best cover for your needs.

Lock it up

While spreading out your cash between different bags is a good idea when on the move, make sure to always use a safe where available. Most hotels and many hostels will offer one, and they’re the safest place for your money to be.

That goes for other valuables like your passport and camera too. Just make sure you remember the code and don’t have to attempt to break in yourself!

Carry it wisely

Carrying on from the previous tip, try to only take out with you what you need and leave the rest behind. This means preparing the amount you need to cover a day’s activities before you head out in the morning or carrying just enough to cover food or partying when you venture out at night.

When you are out and about, consider using a money belt or a bum bag rather than a shoulder bag which can be easily snatched away. This is particularly important in busy areas such as train or underground stations.

Avoid using expensive ATMs  

If you’re travelling for a longer period of time or between different countries, you won’t want to carry all your money with you and may need to use an ATM. It’s worth exploring all your options – you will be subject to currency conversion fees and some will have other additional charges, so ask around for the best place to go.

Before you travel, check what your bank will charge you to make cash withdrawals on your debit or credit card. Some credit cards don’t charge any transaction or withdrawal fees when you use them abroad, so it’s worth doing some research well before you go so you have time to apply for a new card if necessary.

In more far flung parts of the world, the most reliable ATMs tend to be in built-up places. Try to plan your trip so that you don’t find yourself out of cash in more rural areas.   

No one wants their holiday to be marred by losing their valuables after all. Following these simple steps will help ensure your holiday is memorable for all the right reasons.  


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