Top tips for taking your dog on holiday


With the holiday season upon its time to start planning for your next getaway. Usually, this would mean putting your pet in a kennel or leaving them with a friend. Thankfully, you can find a dog-friendly hotel anywhere in the world now, so there’s no reason to leave your pet behind.

If you’re taking your dog with you, here are our top tips for what you should plan ahead of your departure.

Book an appointment with your vet

Whether you are going abroad or staying closer to home, it’s important that you take your dog to see the vet before you head off on your holiday. This is a good opportunity to ensure that your dog is in good health before you travel. You should also use this appointment to check that everything is up to date with your dog’s flea treatment or if you will need to take any extra precautions while you are away.

Should your four-legged pet not yet be microchipped, now is the time to take care of that too. After all, the last thing you want is to lose your pet in an unfamiliar environment, especially if you are heading abroad.

Choose the perfect accommodation

Taking your pooch on holiday with you means that you’ll have to find a dog-friendly hotel to accommodate them. It’s important that you do your research well in advance so that you can find the perfect hotel for both you and your dog. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many places you find these days willing to accommodate pets. From private rentals to three and four-star hotels, you can find all types of accommodation that will allow you to bring your pooch along too.

Much like perks for human guests, the fancier the hotel the better the pet perks get too. At four-star hotels, your companion can look forward to their own bed, water bowl, and even toys and treats in certain places.

Know how to travel

Much of your pet travel plan will depend on whether or not you are heading abroad and your mode of transport. Travelling by ferry or plane will bring along their own set of challenges but the one certainty is that you will be in a car at some point so you will need to plan for this.

The most important thing to remember when taking your dog on a car journey, no matter how short or long, is how you can keep them safe. Invest in a car safety harness if you don’t already have one as this will keep your dog secure for the duration of the trip, and keep them safe in case of an emergency.

For long car journeys, plan plenty of rest stop where you can let your dog out for a walk, to go to the toilet, and to give them some food and water.

Apply for a pet passport (if travelling abroad)

Most dog owners forget that taking your four-legged friend abroad requires you to obtain a pet passport. As the regulation currently stands, a pet passport allows you to take your pet with you anywhere in the EU or the listed countries without them needing to be quarantined first.

Like with most documents, securing a pet passports takes time so do not leave this to the last minute. Start the process of acquiring a passport for your pooch as soon as you know you want to take them with you. Not all vets are qualified to issue them and wait times are likely to be longer in the summer during the busy holidays season.


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