The best sites for a traveling photographer in New Delhi

The vibrant capital of India was established by British colonizers in 1931 and has developed into an exciting and adventure-filled place to visit. With the Yamuna River separating the regions of Old Delhi and New Delhi, you’ll also have the opportunity to cross back and forth between worlds and vastly different places located right next to each other. Travelling photographers in New Delhi will love the blend of cultural sites, history, and the stunning beauty of India. Even if you’re an experienced photographer, it can help to get insight from a local like the photographers from Localgrapher who can give you an insider’s perspective of the city and capture the magic in professional photos.

The magic begins at the India Gate

One of the most recognizable landmarks of Delhi is the India Gate, an impressive arch which commemorates the soldiers who lost their lives during World War II. It’s a spot every travelling photographer will want to include in their vacation photos, especially if you have the chance to visit the landmark at night when it will be lit with floodlights for a truly stunning effect.

Commemorate Gandhi’s legacy

The references and landmarks dedicated to the famous Mahatma Gandhi can be found all around Delhi, but nowhere more than at the Gandhi Smriti. This museum and memorial are built in the location where Gandhi himself was assassinated, giving the site particular significance. Now open to the public, you can tour the building and memorial to learn about Gandhi’s life work and how his actions forever changed India.

India’s tallest minaret

One of Delhi’s top attractions in the Qutub Minar, the tallest minaret in India, and an amazing work of architecture. Made from several different types of stone, the tower is about 70 meters in height and rises over the city below. Be respectful of the times of worship when the minaret and mosque are in use, but if you’re feeling up to the physical challenge, you can climb the staircase up to the top for a stunning view and perfect photo opportunity of Delhi.

The Lotus Temple

Officially called the Baha’i House of Worship, this incredible landmark has been given the name “the Lotus Temple” because of its distinct appearance and resemblance to a white lotus flower. Constructed in 1986, the temple has become one of the top attractions of Delhi, and is popular among tourists and photographers who hope to see the impressive architectural design for themselves and get some photographs unique to the city.

Travelers have been attracted to India for the exotic culture, spectacular cuisine, and diverse wildlife. In the capital city of New Delhi, you’ll have the chance to see the best of India combined in one location; from history, to religious landmarks, to contemporary style, New Delhi has everything you need for a special and memorable vacation. Booking a photographer is one way you can ensure that the magic of the city will never be lost, even after your vacation is over and you return to your every-day life.


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