Jewels in the crown: the best places to see gems in London

where to see jewel and royal treasure in london


Now the new season of The Crown has returned to Netflix, our love of all things Royal has been reignited – twin set and pearls anyone? While we are waiting with bated breath for the fated Charles and Diana proposal to see her diamond and sapphire ring  (now famously worn by the Duchess of Cambridge) on screen… how about a quick tour of London to see some mind-wowing, turn-heading, and breath-taking necklaces, tiaras, rings and bracelets?


where to see jewel and royal treasure in london - tower of london

The Tower of London

Since William the Conquerors successful invasion of England, the Tower of London has stood as a symbol of power and majesty. It seems only fitting that it should now be home to the dazzling Crown Jewels, part of the Royal Collection! This treasure is on display in a darkened room allowing the 23,578 gemstones to shimmer and shine under the spotlights… and watchful gaze of the armed guard stationed throughout the Jewel House. 


where to see jewel and royal treasure in london - V&A museum

The V&A Museum

Next up and perhaps one of our favourite museums in London – not only because it’s free – is the V&A. This magnificent Victorian building is home to collections that span 5,000 years of human creativity housed in one of the most ornate buildings. Its display, one of the most comprehensive in the world, and tells the story of jewellery in Europe from ancient times to modern day. Think rudimentary yet striking collars of the late Bronze Age and over-the-top yet irresistible 19th-century brooches combined… It’s easy to spend hours admiring these incredible creations and admiring the craftsmanship needed to design them.


where to see jewel and royal treasure in london - british museum

The British Museum

Founded in the 18th century, the British Museum was the first national cultural site covering all facets of human civilisation. Games, tools, fashion accessories: you name it. Visitors can see some of the oldest jewellery in the world, some dated as far back as 5000 BC. Striking leather bracelets, intricate charms given to loved ones… are sure to steal your heart.


where to see jewellery and royal gems in London - museumof london cheapside hoard

The Museum of London

Housed in the 1960s Barbican complex, more modern than its iconic counterparts in the city, this may not have been your first thought… Its fine jewellery, worn by eminent Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian socialites and aristocrats, will still bring quite a sparkle to your day! The museum also features the Cheapside hoard, the greatest collection of Elizabethan and Stuart ornaments ever discovered, which fascinating story is worthy of a Netflix series of its own!

And while we might never have a chance to wear such unique pieces… we can still daydream on New Bond Street, featuring more modern jewellers, equally loved by celebrities… After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?






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