Broken ceramics: travel memories

fragments ceramics travels camino de santiago spain


This extended lockdown means time to revisit treasure boxes, carefully arranged, stored and forgotten. As I do so, one drawer at a time, I rediscover little collections assembled from one travel to another…

Among my many passions are ceramics. Exquisite teacups, delicate plates, miniature vases make their way to various shelves around the house. I equally loved pieces found along a walk: half-buried on the side of the path, glimpsed in the ruins of an abandoned house. Most are broken plates or tiles. Turned over, these fragments occasionally reveal a hint about their past, the name of a local artisan or brand, which I will avidly research later.  I will, for the rest of the journey that day, check they are still in my pocket, tracing their contour, wondering who first sketched these tiny flowers, chose their shades of blue, barely faded.

See the one featuring snowy mountains? Collected on the Camino de Santiago, it travelled 200 km in my backpack. Look closer: this was an ashtray and you can still see the print of a cigarette, although I washed it a couple of times. Each comes with an anecdote… The mati (blue eye used for protection against evil curses) was waiting for me on a beach in Formentera, brushed by gentle waves. Each comes with an anecdote…


fragments ceramics travels  memories  greece fragments ceramics travels memories flowers



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