Posties are modern heroes too

Thumbs up for your postie royal mail


Not all superheroes wear a cape, as we (re)discover during this lockdown. And while we clap, for NHS workers every Thursday, there are many more we are incredibly thankful to. Postmen, for example, as we go back to old fashioned letters and turn to online shopping options to avoid an extra trip to the supermarket.

All help bring a little joy in the day. Some have gone the extra mile: indulging kids, leaving a sweet message, one even dresses up. If you really want a few heart-melting moments, scroll down this Twitter feed, gathering pictures of thank you notes and simply awesome couriers.

Royal Mail has launched a “Thumbs Up for your postie” campaign and you can download drawings for the kids to colour in and place in your window here or a fun question page (Would you rather…) to pin on your door here. Keep it coming, guys!



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